2016 NFL Draft – Moritz Boehringer Scouting Report

Joe Malfa with a scouting report on German Football League WR Moritz Boehringer

Joe Malfa continues our 2016 NFL Draft scouting reports with a look at wide receiver Moritz Boehringer from the German Football League.

Name: Moritz Boehringer  Position: WR  School: N/A — German Football League  Height: 6’4″ Weight: 227

40-Time: 4.43 sec  Bench Press: 17 reps  Vertical Jump: 39″   Broad Jump: 10’11″

3-Cone Drill: 6.65 sec  20-Yard Shuttle: 4.10 sec  60-Yard Shuttle: N/A

BACKGROUND: There really is not much of a background on the German receiver that is garnering a lot of attention. He played in the German Football League last season and was named the Rookie of the Year. He caught 70 passes for 1,461 yards, and 16 TDs. Essentially, that is all we know regarding his “background.”

STRENGTHS: Prototypical measurables for an NFL WR. Freak athlete for his size. Has the speed and quickness to deal with speedy corners, and the size and strength to deal with the physical corners. Uses size to his advantage on deep balls and when going over the middle. Can return kicks and will likely be a big contributor on special teams.

I advise you not to go too crazy over these highlights. He looks great, but keep in mind he is playing the the GFL:

WEAKNESSES: To say he is raw may be an understatement. Whether or not he can transition into the NFL is a major question mark. Has a lot of learning to do. Difficult to pick out weaknesses in his game, because on the only film available, he simply dominates the clearly inferior competition of the German league.

NFL COMPARISON: There is simply not enough film available to come up with a comparison in my mind, and the only film available displays sheer dominance over low-level competition. I will simply pass along the comparison that NFL.com offered, which is Jeff Janis of the Packers.

PROJECTION: Who knows. Boehringer, simply put, is a wildcard. A team may salivate over his measurables and decide to take a chance on him at some point on day 3. If you watch his highlight tape (which is the only film I was able to come across), he looks like the greatest WR of all-time, but I am not naive and I realize he was essentially a Great White shark in a pond of minnows in the GFL. There is no disputing the fact that he has all of the physical traits and abilities that an NFL team looks for in a WR, but there is no way of knowing whether or not he can adjust to the NFL game. If I were an NFL general manager, I might consider spending a 6th-round pick on Boehringer. At the very least, he is a big guy with a lot of speed that can wreak havoc on special teams, and if he is coached up properly, there is no telling how high his ceiling can be with his freakish athletic abilities.

When Demario Davis was signed by the Browns, I sent him a text to thank him for the interviews he has done with me over the last two years and to wish him the all the best. He left me with this message for the fans to post on the site:

“I want to just say thank you to some of the greatest fans I ever saw. You made it a joy to play each and every Sunday. Though in my short time there we never got as far as we would have liked, your passion never faded, and that’s something I’ll never forget. Thank you all and God bless.” – Demario Davis

For the criticism he drew late in his stay with the Jets, Davis was always a class act, I had the pleasure of interacting with him on multiple occasions, and I wish him nothing but the best going forward.

Photo Credit: AmericanInternationalFootball.com