2016 NFL Draft – Top 10 Quarterbacks

Kevin Zielaznicki breaks down the top ten quarterbacks in the 2016 NFL Draft

Kevin Zielaznicki breaks down the top ten quarterbacks in the 2016 NFL Draft. Find more of our draft coverage here…

  1. Jared Goff, California, 6-4, 215lbs

The top quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft, Jared Goff has all the tools needed to become a franchise quarterback. Goff has a strong enough arm to make all the throws required and throws with precision. He understands how to throw with anticipation, something many college quarterbacks struggle with. He was able to pick apart defenses on a consistent basis with his ability to go through his progressions and due to his excellent field vision.

  1. Carson Wentz, North Dakota State, 6-5, 237lbs

North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz will have a leg up on many other quarterback prospects coming into the NFL this year because he has experience in a pro-style offense. Wentz has a cannon arm and can easily toss the ball anywhere on the field with accuracy. One of the more athletic passers in this draft class, Wentz is a threat with his legs while scrambling and in the running game. He also has no difficulty throwing the ball while on the move and is great at avoiding defenders trying to bring him down.

  1. Paxton Lynch, Memphis, 6-7, 244lbs

Standing at 6-7, 244lbs, Paxton Lynch has an intimidating presence on the football field. Lynch has drawn comparisons to players like Brock Osweiler due to his massive stature and rocket arm. With his natural arm talent, Lynch can throw anywhere on the field and excels throwing the deep ball as he has a great sense of touch. He can stand tall in the pocket in the face of pressure and when he needs to scramble, he can hurt a defense with his legs.

  1. Christian Hackenberg, Penn State, 6-4, 223lbs

A former #1 quarterback recruit coming out of high school, Christian Hackenberg had NFL Draft analysts everywhere raving about his future after a successful true freshman season at Penn State. But after two years of sub-par play, Hackenberg went from potential #1 overall pick to a 3rd – 5th round prospect. He has the arm strength necessary to succeed in the NFL and was one of the better deep ball passers in the country the past three years. One of the toughest players that I have ever watched, Hackenberg will stand in the pocket looking for an open man regardless of what the defense throws at him. Played in a pro-style offense his entire collegiate career so he is comfortable taking snaps from under center. Underrated athlete.

  1. Connor Cook, Michigan State, 6-4, 217lbs

Connor Cook was the man in charge for the Spartans for the past three years. Cook possesses the ideal size teams look for in a quarterback and has a decent amount of athletic ability. He has enough juice in his arm to make any throw required in an NFL offense. Can throw to all levels of the field and is able to squeeze the ball into tight windows. Throwing mechanics are solid and has experience playing in a pro-style system. Flashed some pocket presence ability and showed he could operate just fine against the blitz.

  1. Dak Prescott, Mississippi State, 6-2, 226lbs

Playing in a spread-option offense at Mississippi State, Prescott was able to showcase his ability as a thrower and runner (over 110 total touchdowns). Prescott has made serious strides as a passer since his first season as a starter. He has an NFL caliber arm and when he sticks to his throwing mechanics, shows nice touch and accuracy. Flashed the ability to go through his progressions. Knows how to use his athleticism to avoid pass rushers and can kill a defense in the running game.

  1. Cardale Jones, Ohio State, 6-5, 253lbs

An unknown player for most of his college career, Cardale Jones instantly became a household name after leading Ohio State to a national title. Jones is one of the most intriguing draft prospects in the past few years due to his size, arm strength, and athletic ability. Nicknamed “12 Gauge” by his teammates, Jones has one of the strongest arms in football right now. He is almost impossible to sack on the first attempt and is a serious threat on the ground with his massive body and speed. Has an undefeated record as a starting college quarterback and showed he can make plays in the clutch.

  1. Kevin Hogan, Stanford, 6-3, 218lbs

Kevin Hogan was the man in charge of taking over Stanford’s offense after Andrew Luck was drafted. Referred to as a genius by teammates and coaches, Hogan ran Stanford’s offense with brilliance the past several years. Hogan has pretty good size and decent athleticism. Knows the limitations of his arm and is very cautious throwing the ball. Excellent throwing the ball off play action and on the run. Played in a pro-style offense.

  1. Jacoby Brissett, North Carolina State, 6-4, 231lbs

Built like an ideal NFL quarterback, Jacoby Brissett also has the athleticism to contribute in the running game. Showed he was a playmaker by constantly extending plays. Top-notch arm strength and can easily throw to any level of the field. Can throw with anticipation and has good field vision. Pretty good throwing while on the move and knows how to take care of the ball (only 15 college interceptions.

  1. Brandon Allen, Arkansas, 6-1, 217lbs

Arkansas quarterback Brandon Allen has the arm talent to make any throw on the football field. He throws a tight spiral and has a quick release that puts some heat on his throws. Excels throwing short to medium range passes. Decent athleticism. Showed consistent improvement every year as a starting quarterback.

Photo Credit: NFL.com