TOJ Pick Six: New York Jets Twitter Questions Edition

Dalbin Osorio answers your New York Jets questions from Twitter, in this week’s edition of the TOJ Pick Six

We are back with this week’s edition of #PickSix. This week, we went with your Twitter questions focused on the NFL draft, free agency, and hairstyles. At the bottom, you’ll also see my latest Jets mock draft, post free agency. Thanks for all the submissions, now let’s take this pick six back…

1. From @gillies9: Is Paxton Lynch a wasted pick in round one on a ready to win now team?

This is a good question, and speaks to two different points i’d like to address. First, the New York Jets as presently constructed are not a win now team. They are a veteran team, but they are not built to win a Super Bowl with the current and/or potential options at quarterback and some of the question marks all over the roster. With that said, Paxton Lynch isn’t a waste on a team that’s trying to build a consistent winner that can not only win now but win going forward. You can see our scouting report on Lynch right here, but in my opinion he is the second best quarterback in the draft right now. AT 6’6″ and 245 pounds, he has essentially video game size and a big arm similar to Joe Flacco. His footwork could be improved upon, but at #20 he would represent great value and give the Jets an opportunity to finally groom their franchise QB. On a win now team, he might be the missing piece. On a team like the Jets, he could be the answer to that age old question about quarterbacks.

2. From @robng88: Let’s “tackle” this topic: OL FA, trade, and draft options?

I’m always a fan of word puns, so well done Rob. With the Jets having D’Brickashaw Ferguson at LT holding the highest cap hit of any LT in the league and Breno Giacomini being one of the worst RTs in the league, the Jets need to improve the offensive line not only for this year but for the foreseeable future. They have James Carpenter, who is their only plus starter under 30 years old, but they need to continue revamping their OL by getting younger and having guys they can actually develop. With that in mind, here’s the 6 best tackles that will be available in the draft and via free agency:

1. Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State: Can start at guard until Ferguson retires, or be a plug and play starter at LT from day one.

2. Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State: Could replace Giacomini or Ferguson and be solid immediately.  .

3. Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana: A potential day one starter on the left side who won’t fall past Seattle at 31.

4. Germain Ifedi, OT, Texas A&M: Would be an upgrade over Breno Giacomini, and has arguably the highest ceiling of any of the day 2 OL prospects.

5. John Theus, OT, Georgia: Ready to start right now but will fall due to concerns about his inability to play inside, cold represent great value in round 3 or 4.

6. Brandon Shell, OT, South Carolina: Struggles with remaining balanced in his stance, but could be a solid RT in the league down the road.

Free Agency:
1. Will Beatty, LT: veteran, but not better than Ferguson at this point.

2. Khalif Barnes, LT: Older, would be cheaper, but would be a downgrade.

3. Don Barclay, RT: 26 years old, would come cheap, would be upgrade over Giacomini, and fits Jets scheme.

4. Tavon Rooks, LT: 25 years old, good upside, would be able to be groomed as Ferguson’s replacement.

5. Nate Chandler, LT: Former Panther was a backup swing tackle (playing both right and left sides) for 4 years, underrated free agent worked hard to crack Panthers rotation.

6. Jamon Meredith, RT: Former undrafted free agent and former Titan, has experience playing inside as well.

3. From @Tadgho78: no more QB talk. I can’t wake it anymore. It’s literally driving me insane. I prefer to hear about punter options.

I can assure you, this Pick Six does not mention how the Jets have played the whole QB thing right from the beginning, or how Geno Smith can put up just the same numbers that Ryan Fitzpatrick can if given 16 games and the type of talent on this offense. Nope, none of that. For punters, i’d say look out for Tom Hackett out of Utah. He’s the Ray Guy award winner and the best punting prospect in a long time. He’d be a huge upgrade over Ryan Quigley and he’d assist the Jets special teams tremendously.

4. From @AlexRain1: which Jets have the coolest hairstyles?

You know, i’m a baldy guy myself so D’Brickashaw Ferguson with his low cut cease (which is just one step above a baldy in the haircut hall of fame) should get honorable mention. Buster Skrine looks like a cross between a bee hive and The Weekend. Nick Mangold looks like Solid Snake, for all you video game aficionados. The person with the coolest hairstyle, hands down, though is Leonard “Simba” Williams who clearly realized a long time ago that the rhythm is going to get you.

5. From @charliecraveiro: some risers and fallers draft wise, with guys who we thought would be at #20 that now won’t be and guys slipping that we could get now

Great question Chuck and thanks for your participation last year ion the #TOJFanMock. This is, also, a great lead into the mock draft below. I’ll give you 6 prospects, 3 that are falling and 3 that are rising:

1. Ronnie Stanley: there was some talk at the beginning of draft season that Ronnie Stanley would drop to 20, but over the last month he has pretty much solidified his spot in the top 12. Prediction: Giants at 10.

2. Ezekiel Elliott: Zeke was a popular pick to the Jets at 20 up until he destroyed all expectations at the combine and is now a virtual top 10 lock with some mocks having him pegged for Dallas at 4.
Prediction: Browns at 2.

3. Mackensie Alexander: At the end of the season Alexander was the clear cut number 3 corner in this draft behind Vernon Hargreaves and Eli Apple, but you’ve read how he has surpassed them both and is now in play to go before the Jets select. I don’t think he’s better than those two (I have him ranked 4th overall for corners), but he has continued to climb in recent weeks.
Prediction: Raiders at 14

1. Noah Spence: the draft’s best pass rusher has seen his stock plummet over the last few weeks. Whether it’s because of interviews or because scouts tend to overthink things, Spence is now very much in play at 20. If he is, the pick becomes very easy for Maccagnan as Spence slots right into the OLB spot opposite of Lorenzo Mauldin and gives the Jets a long term tandem with tons of potential.

2. Vernon Hargreaves III: the draft’s best cornerback (Jalen Ramsey is a safety, no matter what you hear) has now been slotted behind Alexander, Apple, and William Jackson in numerous mock drafts. Hargreaves’s fall is similar to Marcus Peters’s last year except for Hargreaves not having reason to fall. The Jets could very well be the beneficiary as he would slot in opposite Darrelle Revis for next year and then be able to take over for Revis when he transitions to safety in 2017.

3. One Of The QBs: I think the Jets are going to have a shot at one of the draft’s three best QBs. After San Francisco picks at 7 (this is assuming that Cleveland passes on a QB due to the signing of RG3), the next QB needy team is the Los Angeles Rams but Les Snead seems very much all in on Case Keenum as his starting QB. If San Francisco passes and the all three QBs are on the board after 7, then the Jets might have their shot at any one of them.

6. Post Free Agency Jets Mock Draft

20. Jared Goff, QB: I think San Francisco opts to stick with Colin Kaepernick as Denver turns their attention to Josh McCown to compete with Mark Sanchez. This leaves the Jets as the beneficiaries, and they take the draft’s best QB and finally find their franchise QB.

52. Jaylon Smith, OLB: Jaylon Smith is the best player in this draft, to me, and I do think some teams will be scared to pull the trigger on him. At 52, he represents too much value for the Jets to pass up.

84. Kyle Murphy, OT: The Jets need to get younger, and Murphy represents great value in round 3 as a guy that could start at RT next season before transition to LT.

118. DJ White, CB: Would excel at nickel back if the Jets do opt to start the season with Buster Skrine outside. Lacks ideal size to consistently play outside, but is a bit of a menace from the slot corner and could be effective as a blitzed.

157. Paul McRoberts, WR: See our scouting report here.

241. Tom Hackett, P: Yes, this is becoming a thing and will be a thing until draft weekend when he;’s announced as the pick.

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Author: Dalbin Osorio

Dalbin Osorio is a Case Planner for Graham-Windham, New York's oldest child welfare agency. He is, also, a student at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Dalbin graduated from Monroe College with a degree in Business Administration. A 3 sport utility man in high school (think a mix of Jerome WIlliams, Brad Smith, and Jayson Nix), he joined TOJ in 2013.