Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Jets Statistical Nuggets Edition

Joe Caporoso with a Turn On The Jets 12 Pack of statistical nuggets on the 2015 New York Jets season and what they mean going forward…

Welcome back to another edition of the Turn On The Jets 12 Pack. Make sure to give us a follow on Twitter and Facebook! Today, we take a look at some 2015 New York Jets statistical nuggets and what they could mean for next year…

1. Brandon Marshall (109) and Eric Decker (80) combined for 189 of the New York Jets 362 receptions this season, a whopping 52%. Chan Gailey isn’t shy about making his top options target hogs and that shouldn’t change in 2016. So, yes it would be nice for the Jets to diversify their options in the passing game but the reality is that there won’t be all that many targets to go around past Marshall and Decker…and why should there be? If you have two really good to great wide receivers, use them frequently.

2. The Jets finished 5th in Defensive DVOA (they are the only team in the top 12 besides St. Louis who didn’t make the playoffs). They finished 14th in Offensive DVOA and 25th in Special Teams DVOA. It isn’t hard to see where the improvement needs to come from to get over the hump. Look for the team to announce their new Special Teams Coordinator this week and to be active in improving their punting and return game this off-season.

3. Bilal Powell only played in 11 games during the 2015 season, finishing with 313 rushing yards (4.5 YPC) , 47 receptions, 388 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. If you project his production over 16 games it comes out to: 68 receptions, 563 receiving yards, 100 carries, 455 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns. Prior to last season, Powell had only missed three games in the previous three years. The Jets are anxious to bring him back and see how he can produce over a full schedule.

4. Pre-suspension Quincy Enunwa had 8 catches on 17 targets for 94 yards (5 games). Post-suspension Enunwa had 14 catches on 29 targets for 221 yards (7 games). It was good to see his yards per catch jump from 11.75 to 15.75 despite the completion rate staying about the same. Despite his usage being comparable pre and post suspension, it was actually much more consistent down the stretch as a week 3 outlier of 10 targets against the Eagles (due to Eric Decker’s absence) skewed the early season numbers. Look for the Jets to focus on keeping him more consistently integrated into the passing game as they did down the stretch in 2015, where he had at least 4 targets in every game except one. Before the suspension, he only exceeded 4 targets in a game once.

5. The Jets outside linebackers only combined for 8 sacks last season (4 from Lorenzo Mauldin, 3 from Calvin Pace and 1 from Trevor Reilly). An increase in Mauldin’s playing time should help improve this number in 2016 but the Jets will need to add new personnel to further supplement him. If they trade Muhammad Wilkerson, they will have to find a way to replace his 12 sacks as the rest of the defensive line only combined for 9.5 sacks.

6. Antonio Cromartie: 898 defensive snaps, 29 tackles, 12 passes defensed, 0 interceptions, 0 forced fumbles, 0 sacks, 1 fumble recovery.

Marcus Williams: 285 defensive snaps, 27 tackles, 10 passes defensed, 6 interceptions, 1 forced fumble, 1.5 sacks, 1 fumble recovery.

The Jets need to take a long look at heavily restructuring Cromartie’s contract or outright releasing him.

7. Despite his value and the Jets desire to bring him back, Damon Harrison only played 54% of the Jets defensive snaps last season. There is a limit too how much you can pay for somebody who is only on the field half of the time.

8. One-third of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s interceptions came in his two games against the Buffalo Bills (5/15). He also completed less than 45% of his passes in both games against Buffalo. Rex Ryan is the definition of an average Head Coach but he is Tom Landry when it comes to coaching against Fitz.

9. Fitzpatrick completed over 60% of his passes in 8/15 starts in 2015 (not counting the Oakland game where he only threw 5 passes). After completing over 60% of his passes in the first three games, he only finished by doing it 5 of his final 12 starts. However, he threw multiple touchdown passes in 13 of his 15 starts. If you score points, inaccuracy is easier to ignore.

10. Stevan Ridley had 40 offensive touches for 88 yards, a disgusting 2.2 yards per touch. Time to hit the road, Stevan.

11. Over his final 8 games, Chris Ivory had 1 one hundred yard game, 4 games under fifty yards, and 1 rushing touchdown. The Jets aren’t going to overpay for him once he hits the open market.

12. The Jets were the only team in the NFL to win double digit games and not make the playoffs. They are one of four teams over the past four seasons it happened to (2014 Eagles, 2013 Cardinals, 2012 Bears). The Cardinals made the playoffs the following year, the Bears and Eagles did not.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports