New York Jets UK Chronicles – Escaping Mediocrity

Dave Balcombe with a New York Jets UK Chronicles on

After the Jets lost to Houston, large question marks were raised on whether this Jets team could perform when the going got tough…Can they now compete for one of the two wildcard spots in the AFC? Yes. Yes they damn should.

After the second decimation of Miami, attention turned to a far more important game than what could have simply been a hometown rivalry in the past. A loss to the Giants would have truly put the Jets up against it, but instead of crumbling under pressure they chose to actually make something of the opportunity. The Jets hadn’t beaten the Giants in regular season since 1993, so this was certainly treat, one only made sweeter when it was settled in overtime. As predicted, stud WR Odell Beckham Jr made sure he had his time under the spotlight. The 72-yard TD which was followed by the very subtle hurdle celebration, made many worry about the outcome of the game, however it was how the Jets responded when up against adversity once again that made this game one to remember and hopefully another turning point in this Jets season.

The ten point fourth quarter comeback allowed the many beating hearts of this side be seen and heard. The comeback was only the sixth road comeback the Jets had overcome when behind ten points or more. A real accolade for journeyman and now fan favourite, Ryan ‘Fitzmagic’ Fitzpatrick who over the last two games has a 6:0 touchdown to interception ratio. He threw four TDs against the Dolphins and two against the Giants, where he also went for 390 yards passing, 412 overall. Its results like those of late he needs to continue and stay consistent that’s if the Jets have any chance at progressing to later stages in this league.

Those who have aided Fitzpatrick’s numbers and in turn their own is receiving duo, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. Subsequently to Ryan’s Sunday performance, the green and white’s top two wide receivers too hit the headlines. Many have now begun to debate whether there is a better receiving duos in the league than these two. Personally, I couldn’t care less if there was, what I know is simply that this relationship between Marshall, Decker and Fitz is working. Once their recent touchdowns were totalled, the duo now stand at 18 TDs between them, the most since Johnson and Chrebet in 1998, seventeen years ago.

Also, last sunday at the Metlife was the first time a tag team had both surpassed the 100-yard mark. A Jets duo hadn’t achieved that since 1986 when Toon and Walker were leading the way. What my point is is that this receiving duo are good. Real good. The best the Jets have had and are going to have for quite sometime it seems, so they should aim to make the most of it and now. Brandon Marshall stated he intends to retire a Jet, so it may not be the only year the two get to play together, but let’s not act like we don’t want this bromance to hit full heat now. They’re ‘lit’ and along with Fitzpatrick and other great Jets performers, can this Jets team really afford to take their feet of the gas? The answer of course is no!

Last year when the Jets faced the Titans many fans were torn between begging for a loss to receive a better draft pick or wanting a win like fans should as naturally they can’t stand seeing their beloved team lose anymore, although this year the circumstances have certainly changed. Tennessee may seem in a similar position to last year, but what cannot be mistaken is that this side can too win on any given sunday. Lead by a quarterback the Jets would have likely appreciated themselves, makes things more difficult. . Mariota may only be a rookie, but he’s found the Titans more ways to win and as a QB he sits up there with the rest of them. Last week’s gutsy win against the Jags was enough to understand these Titans are no walk in the park, even lesser once Marcus ran his 87-yards in the fourth quarter for a TD. That most certainly should have been enough to make the Jets coaches literally stop and seriously think about this one. Like the Giants game and every next game from here on out, winning is the only option if the Jets want to have strong odds at securing a wildcard place in this year’s playoffs.

With these tougher Titans up next and two more AFC championship games yet to come, things should remain pedal to the metal and all systems go. Whatever we have seen prior to now has to remain consistent or do we circum to only maybe having a winning season like once prayed? The Jets sit amongst many other teams battling for the AFC wildcard spots and if it ended today they would be playing this offseason, however it doesn’t and with four games yet to go, more work is to be done. Continuing to escape this pile of mediocrity is crucial as the other wildcard contenders don’t look like letting up either. So what I say to the New York Jets is, now is NOT the time to be proud!