TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – August 5th, 2015

Joe Malfa with New York Jets link dump for August 5th, 2015

Joe Malfa is back with a New York Jets link dump for August 5th, 2015…

Some self promotion to start…

– TJ Rosenthal kicked off the week with another edition of No Huddle.

– Joe Caporoso gave his opinion on which players will make the final 53 man roster after digesting a few days of camp.

– Podcast tonight at 9PM!

Now to what the rest of the New York area outlets wrote about Gang Green

– In the NFL, the best players always get the most attention. With this being the trend, the small town guys fighting to make the tail end of a roster tend to be overlooked, but they have interesting stories as well. Here is the story of Brent Qvale, as the North Dakota native has gone through some major transitions. (ESPN)

– After you have hopefully clinked into and read the first link (if you haven’t, get ready for a spoiler), Brent Qvale has transitioned to right guard and is fully immersed in a competition for the starting job. Willie Colon recently weighed in on that competition. (NYP)

-As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, once August hits, so do all of the articles speculating who will get cut. Here is some speculation on that first wave of cuts. (B/R)

– When the Jets acquired both Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis in the offseason, fans were excited about two things — the fact that Maccagnan improved the team’s two weak points, and the fact that the Revis-Marshall matchup in training camp would be fun to watch. The latter of those two came to fruition this past Sunday, when the two matched up for virtually the entire practice by design from the coaches. Prior to Sunday, they had matched up at random (only handful of times when I attended), but Sunday was all about these two stars going at it. Here is an inside look at these two titans as they battle throughout camp. (TJP)

– How has Mike Maccagnan been able to do all that he has done as the GM of the Jets thus far? Caffeine — he loves and needs his coffee. (Metro)

– Calvin Pryor was not terrible last season, but he also had some major growing pains. While part of the issue was lack of experience, lack of comfort may have factored in as well. The “Louisville Slugger” played out of his niche last year, and a shift back into his familiar position may bode well for his play this season. (NYP)