New York Jets Media Sadness: Gary Myers Edition… Again

Mike Donnelly breaks down Gary Myers’s most recent column in the Daily News about the New York Jets…

As you may or may not know, we are not big fans of the coverage the New York Jets receive from the media in this town. Now, sure, there are some excellent people who cover the team, but there’s just far too much nonsense and garbage floating around out there on a daily basis. To really hammer that point home, I took a Gary Myers column from last August about how Michael Vick should start and basically picked it apart line by line, in the old “Fire Joe Morgan” fashion. (Here is the link to that article: NYDN Sadness: Gary Myers Edition). 

Anyway, a year later, and Gary is still up to his same old awful, awful tricks. Today, he wrote something about Geno Smith and… well, I’m not even really sure what the point of the whole thing was. It was basically a mess, in standard Gary Myers fashion. So let’s dust off the keyboard here and give the worst offender in the New York media the same treatment as last time. 

(The actual column by Gary is in bold below. The rest is my commentary on it.)


Geno Smith is such a train wreck that Jets fans are daydreaming about the good old days of Mark Sanchez.

No, we aren’t.

Has there ever been a quarterback more disrespected around here than Smith?


By the time the story of him getting punched out a nobody named IK Enemkpali becomes part of Jets legend — if it hasn’t already — Smith will be blamed for getting his jaw in the way of Enemkpali’s fist.

Ummm, no he won’t?

On what other team would the starting quarterback be so disrespected as a player and a leader that he would get punched in the mouth over $600 and perhaps some smart ass comment?

And perhaps some smart ass comment? Nice throw-in there, Gary. You weren’t there, so how would you know what happened? You were probably out in your yard stonewashing your jeans and working on some new crappy book about how you knew Bill Parcells twenty years ago. Meanwhile, Brandon Marshall says he was an eye witness and that “Geno did nothing wrong.” Also, Roger Staubach got punched by a teammate once. He was disrespected all the way into the Hall of Fame.

And the fact that Jets players didn’t unanimously support Smith against a player who was immediately cut by Todd Bowles guarantees Smith will never be able to lead this team.

GUARANTEED! Gary is good at guaranteeing stuff, too.

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 10.43.36 AM

How can he ever feel good about himself around this group when it took until Monday for Brandon Marshall to be the first teammate to stick up for him? 

I don’t know. How do you feel when you show up around your peers that aren’t awful and didn’t write things like this:

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 10.40.08 AM

Other crappy Gary Myers headlines that probably exist out there somewhere:

  • “Colts Shouldn’t LEAF Ryan on the Board. Must Select Him over Archie’s Kid”
  • “Start fitting Jamarcus’s Jacket Size Now: Raider #1 Pick Headed to the Hall”
  • “Jets Hit Home Run Passing Up Marino for Kenny O”
  • “Brian Brohm: Legend or Legend-est?”

This is a quarterback league. Quarterbacks must be in charge and respected to lead.

And if anyone knows QBs it’s Gary, as you can tell by those last two pictures.

The Jets players figuratively, and perhaps even literally, left Smith lying by his locker after he got his jaw busted. They were supposed to have his back. They clearly didn’t have his front.

This is just so, so stupid.

The biggest indictment of Smith is that before he could even post an Instagram of his swollen and rearranged face, it was universally declared the Jets were better off with Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has abused the privilege of being a journeyman.

Geno’s face was rearranged? Looked like a face to me. It’s not like his nose was up on his forehead or something. And I guess I missed that “universal” declaration that Fitzpatrick was the man from the job from Day 1. In fact, I saw plenty of praise for Geno throughout the offseason. In fact, some were even saying they expected Geno to have a pretty good season. But again, I guess Gary was too busy working on that new book to bother noticing.

How bad is the bearded one? The Jets are Fitzpatrick’s fourth team in four years.

The bearded one? For a second there, I thought he might have meant Darrelle Revis, who is also on his 4th new team in 4 seasons. Obviously, that means Darrelle Revis sucks. But, hey, in fairness to Gary, he never claimed to be an expert on cornerback play; He’s a quarterbacks man!

He has started 89 games in 10 seasons — he is 33-55-1 — and not one of his teams has ever made the playoffs. The good news is that means he should fit in just fine with the Jets.

Ohhhh, ho ho ho ho, whewwww, I get it. Because the Jets don’t make the playoffs all the time. Man oh man, that was a real zinger. Let’s go ahead and add “comedian” to Gary’s resume…

Fitzpatrick obviously aced the difficult Career Survival courses at Harvard.

What in the HELL does this even mean? Let’s actually go back and take “comedian” back off his resume. Now it’s back to just “Author of Garbage”.

Even though Rex The Enabler allowed Smith to start in San Diego when he somehow got his time zones mixed up and went to the movies when Ryan was holding a team meeting the night before a lopsided loss to the Chargers, the red flags on Smith’s ability to make it in the league had already been raised.

This sentence is so long and boring he lost me halfway through.

When I went to the Pinstripe Bowl to see West Virginia play Syracuse in 2012. Smith was considered the best quarterback in the draft and the possible overall No. 1 pick by the Chiefs. When I left Yankee Stadium, I was wondering how anybody could even draft him.

Because, I, Gary Myers, am obviously a far better scout and surveyor of football talent than ALL OF THE OTHER SCOUTS IN THE WORLD who proclaimed him a first round talent. All it took was one game in the snow, with blaring winds (when Geno was probably just trying to not get injured, if we’re being honest) for me to decide this! For I am Gary Myers, the Quarterback Expert!

The weather was miserable — it was cold and snowy and windy…


…and Smith played like he would have rather been anywhere else but the Bronx.

Can you blame him? Most people who are in the Bronx would rather be anywhere else.

By the time the draft arrived, Smith dropped out of the first round and the Jets grabbed him in the top 10 of the second round. Didn’t they scout the Pinstripe Bowl and see how much Smith enjoyed playing in the New York winter?

The best stretches of Geno’s career have taken place in December. But, Gary is probably right. The Jets probably forgot to scout the Pinstripe Bowl. Pretty big oversight, in my opinion.

Smith was torched in a pre-draft scouting report in Pro Football Weekly, which said, in part, that Smith “does not command respect from teammates and cannot inspire.”

This was written by noted race baiter, Nolan Nawrocki, right? He also ripped Cam Newton pretty good, and Cam… he’s uhh… pretty good.

But until Marshall, who lived with Smith in his apartment after he arrived in the trade with the Bears, supported Smith on national radio interviews Monday — he did not offer the same defense last week when questioned by the media covering the Jets — Smith was all alone on an island. And it wasn’t Revis Island.

OHHHHHH!!! See what Gary did there?! I changed my mind again! “Comedian” is… BACK ON THE RESUME!

Maccagnan didn’t try to deal up for Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota and then Leonard Williams, the best player in the draft, dropped to him at number 6. 

Ha! what an idiot not trading up and giving up more picks and then ending up with the best player. Clearly not good enough for Gary.

It won’t be long before the Jets are on the clock, with a QB their top priority in the 2016 draft. Ohio State’s Cardale Jones, Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg, Cal’s Jared Goff and Michigan State’s Connor Cook are the early leaders to be in the top half of the first round. So are the Jets.

If I were the Jets and we needed a QB in the first round of the draft, I wouldn’t even bother scouting any of them. I would just give Gary a call and ask him to rank all the top prospects in order 1-4 and then just draft the guy he put last. Because that’s the easiest way to do it.