TOJ Roundtable – Welcome To New York Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses what new addition to the New York Jets will exceed and fail to meet expectations

The TOJ Roundtable is back. Make sure to give everybody a follow on Twitter and to let us know your opinion down in the comment section below! Today’s question is…

What new addition to the New York Jets will exceed expectations and what new addition will fail to meet expectations?

Joe Caporoso – I wasn’t initially bullish on the signing but after watching more of him in action and the likely style of offense the Jets will play, James Carpenter should provide a stable, consistent solution at left guard. The Jets badly need him to and a large component of their offense is going to be riding Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell in the running game behind Carpenter and Nick Mangold. They also need him to contribute in slowing down the multitude of loaded defensive lines the Jets have on the schedule this season. If Carpenter is  a “B/B+” starter for the Jets offense this season, it is going to exceed expectations and alleviate a big chunk of their concerns on the offensive line.

Defensively, I think we are going to see more 2013 Antonio Cromartie than many expect which is going to equate to more playing time for Dee Milliner, Dexter McDougle or Marcus Williams. Cro’ is going to have his moments but is going to be much more of a roller coaster than many seem to be anticipating.

Dalbin Osorio – The new addition that I think will exceed expectations is Brandon Marshall for the exact reason AJ will mention below. Marshall is going to stuff the stat sheets. The Jets haven’t had a wide receiver this good in years. He is going to get a high volume of targets and will be a tremendous help to Geno Smith. In fact, this move actually reminds me of when the Giants went and signed Plaxico Burress for Eli Manning. Big targets are godsends for young quarterbacks with a knack for missing high.

The new addition that will fail to meet expectations will be Steven Ridley. Some Jet fans have mentioned that Ridley will supplant Ivory as the lead back. Zac Stacy has more of a chance of doing that. Ridley is coming off an ACL injury and is a running back that loses confidence whenever he puts the ball on the ground. He was a good depth signing, but I don’t think he contributes much if at all this season.

AJ SicignanoHe’s not going to blow up the stat sheet and his name doesn’t carry the same weight like a Revis, Marshall, and Cromartie but Buster Skrine’s role for this season is going to allow Bowles to implement the type of defenses he loves to run. Skrine has a chance to be the unsung hero of this defense if everything goes as planned.

It was tough to pick a player that the Jets added this offseason that fails to meet expectations, which is a great thing. I feel that every player acquired was brought in to fill a purpose and play a specific role. Each of these guys, if you break it down has more than enough talent to play that role and succeed. If I had to pick a guy that fails to meet the fans expectations this year I’d have to go with Devin Smith. I feel as if fans are expecting him to come in, put up gaudy numbers and catch deep ball after deep ball. This just isn’t the case and it’s not a knock on Smith’s game at all. I feel he’ll be in a similar situation as Amaro was last year in the fact that he won’t see the field as often as we’d expect and when he does just how many targets are going his way?

Jason Wiles – Exceeding expectations is something Lorenzo Mauldin has been doing his whole life. If you haven’t read his story, go do so immediately. It explains his incredible work ethic and intensity on the field. I’d expect to him to be a productive pass rusher with some NFL nutrition and strength training and solid against the run. He doesn’t quite have the strength yet to impact the pass rush consistently or the instinct when it comes to running backs who like to bounce to the outside, but he already has the techniques down pat.

Marcus Gilchrist was an acquisition I was not expecting to see, and not one I agree with. I’m still hesitant on how he can handle elite tight ends or as over-the-top safety help in the passing game. In his play against the AFC East last year, he did well against Scott Chandler, but the Chargers didn’t even bother sticking him on Rob Gronkowski after a terrible performance on Charles Clay. He is still questionable in coverage but hopefully Todd Bowles deploys him to the best of his abilities.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports