New York Jets UK Chronicles – Great Expectations

Jets UK Chronicles looks at a few Jets players who have high expectations for the 2015 season

Embarrassing New York Jets stats like 28th overall in points scored (17.7), 22nd overall in offensive yards (326.6) and 32nd overall in passing yards (184.1), should be improved in 2015. A lot of money was spent this offseason, so the expectations for better results amongst the franchise and fans alike have skyrocketed. The bar has been set high and with the roster now stocked up with multiple household names, veterans, and mentors, it’s up to them to live up t the hype. Who has the highest expectations riding on their shoulders? We break it down in this week’s Jets UK Chronicles…

Darrelle Revis

If great reputation does carry great expectations some may say Revis has the most. With the 2014 secondary being as woeful as it was, Revis has been turned to, to greatly improve the unit this year. With previous performances still percolating in the minds of this fan base, Darrelle has his old shoes to refill and that’s no small feat. Revis’ talents are expected to give the previously starved offence more time on the ball. Although, this won’t be all the franchise will expect from Revis. He is a leader and a great example for the young players growing, like Dee Milliner and Dexter McDougle who wait patiently down the depth chart and Revis will be looked to, to inject some of his wisdom and experience upon the next generation.

Brandon Marshall 

A new weapon to this year’s Jets, Brandon Marshall could prove to be a vital component of the offense. Marshall, the lead receiver the Jets have been looking for, will naturally be expected to put up his usual big numbers. If Chan Gailey’s offence proves fruitful, Marshall will be his ‘go to’ guy. Having shown his talents on multiple teams, Marshall will be expected to lead by example, both on the field and off of it. As well as being a formidable target and partner for Geno’s potential progression, Marshall like Revis, will also be seen as a great mentor for the budding receivers stocking the position. Players like Chris Owusu, Quincy Enunwa and newly drafted Devin Smith to name a few could learn from him.

Mo Wilkerson

As potential question marks cast a dark shadow over Wilkerson’s long-term future in green and white, what still remains is the franchise’s pro-bowl benchmark he’s set for them to expect. With Sheldon Richardson suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season, Wilkerson will be more important than ever. Starting the 2015 season as the most experience defensive end, Wilkerson will likely be responsible for leading the line and holding all members accountable during games. With an inexperienced Leonard Williams drafted in the first round, Wilkerson will be expected to show him the ropes and if that proves successful, the defensive end position could become extremely competitive.

Wilkerson needs to live up to his expectations from previous years; this might just help him become and indispensable member of this troop. Another Pro Bowl appearance may make Wilkerson too difficult to pass on, therefore solidifying his future with the Jets and more then likely the big money deal he searches for will be well deserved.

Leonard Williams 

Once Williams was drafted, aside from the obvious “best player available” talk, many questioned when and how he’d see game time, yet fit into a 3-4 system which is already three men strong. Obviously, Williams’ first team progression in the NFL can now start sooner than projected by being that obvious replacement for suspended Richardson. Although, the big expectations around Williams don’t only arise from being the ‘best player in 2015 draft class’ but also the fact he’s a Jets’ first round pick and a defensive end at that. The Jets first round picks have been more bust than boom in recent years. Williams will want to start his time at East Rutherford on more positive notes, something his neighbouring colleagues Wilkerson and Richardson achieved with ease. Will Williams fly out of the gates or is being pushed in the deep end too much too soon?