TOJ Roundtable – New York Jets Jersey Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses the best and worst New York Jets jersey you can wear to a game this season…

The TOJ Roundtable is back. Make sure to give everybody a follow on Twitter and to let us know your opinion down in the comment section below! Today’s question is…

What is the best and worst New York Jets jersey you can wear to a game this season? 

Joe Caporoso – You will not go wrong wearing a classic of a great Jets player you had the opportunity to watch play: Curtis Martin for you youngsters or Joe Klecko, Wesley Walker or of course a Joe Namath or Don Maynard for the older fans. For the current players, stick with the ones who have proved themselves here and are guaranteed to be Jets at least the next 2 seasons: Nick Mangold, Sheldon Richardson, Darrelle Revis (dust if off) or David Harris all are solid options.

Don’t be the guy who has his name on the back of a Jets jersey, you don’t play for the team. Don’t be the guy who is still wearing the tattered Sanchez, Tebow or Favre jersey. Don’t ironically show off your regrettable purchase of a Dewayne Robertson, Vernon Gholston or Kyle Wilson jersey.

A few other quick hitters good and bad jersey choices

Good: Aaron Glenn, Mo Lewis, Shaun Ellis, Wayne Chrebet, Laveranues Coles, Jerricho Cotchery

Bad: Chris Johnson, Shonn Greene, Kellen Clemens, Stephen Hill, Mike Vick

Cole Patterson – Picking a jersey to wear on game day is a science. Wether you’re headed down to the Meadowlands or just to the living room, your jersey choice is of serious consequence. The worst jersey you could wear this season would be a Mark Sanchez jersey. To be honest, this has been a poor choice since he was drafted. However, to wear one now would be to harken back to the days of a bygone era. What was your last memory of Mark Sanchez the Jet? Not a good one, I’d be willing to bet.

Speaking of the dark days of the Tennenbaum era, remember a certain punt protector and wild cat specialist? Say someone gave you a Tim Tebow jersey as a cruel jest or you, in a moment of masochism, bought one yourself. Well, I propose you tape over that infamous name and craft yourself a Brandon Marhsall jersey. Wearing this puppy to a game would symbolize the Jets transition from an incoherent mess to an efficient machine; from a desperate reliance on gadgets to a sensible understanding of value and talent.

Dalbin Osorio – The best jersey you can wear is very clearly a Glenn Foley #4 in Kelly Green. I think that you can never go wrong with this fan base’s favorite position: the backup QB. This year, enter MetLife with the greatest backup QB of all and the pride of Boston College. The worst jersey you can wear has to be Ryan Quigley, in white, during an ill-advised white out. It is bad enough that Quiggs is probably the worst punter in the world, but the fact that the Jets refuse to bring in another punter to replace him is reason enough to not wear that Quiggs jersey anywhere around MetLife. He may be number one in your hearts, but he should be out of the league.

Joe MalfaThe best jersey you can wear to a game this season is a Curtis Martin jersey. I do not own one myself, but I am a strong proponent of wearing the jersey of a team great. Most jerseys of current players are subject to ridicule — a Revis jersey can be criticized since he won a Super Bowl with the enemy last year, a Wilkerson jersey because of his ongoing negotiations, etc. What can you possibly say negatively about a Curtis Martin jersey? The guy was a model citizen, great leader, and earned himself a bust in Canton through his play. Jerseys of other greats are acceptable too — Joe Namath, Joe Klecko, Don Maynard — but only if you have actually watched those guys play; wearing a jersey of a player you have never seen play is taboo in my book. My dad will be one of the fans donning the “28” at home games this season, while I, on the other hand, will break out the “24” that I strongly considered burning just two years ago.

The worst jersey you can wear to a game is Brett Favre jersey. Almost forget that he actually spent a year in Jet green? Yeah, me too. He was brought in to get this team over the hump after he retired and un-retired the first time, but his downward spiral at the end of the season turned an 8-3 Super Bowl contender into a 9-7 that fell short of the playoffs. It is a season that I have tried to erase from my memory, because an epic collapse of that nature is more painful in my opinion than a 3-13 season. Every time I see that #4 jersey, I want to throw up a little, so please… if you want to wear any #4 to a Jet game, pick DO’s Kelly Green Glenn Foley