TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – June 22nd, 2015

Joe Malfa with a TOJ New York Jets link dump for June 22nd, 2015

Joe Malfa is back with a daily link dump of New York Jets articles and updates from our staff at TOJ. Check back later today for a new edition of No Huddle from TJ Rosenthal. 72 DAYS UNTIL NFL KICKOFF…

– The Jets had an outstanding off-season that will allow them to contend within the AFC East, but to say they can contend for a Super Bowl is still a bit of a stretch. Super Bowl contention, however, is not as far off as you might think for Gang Green. (B/R)

– Here are the three areas the Jets improved most that will allow them to compete for the division and ultimately (hopefully) for a championship. (GGN)

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– Brandon Marshall could be headed to Canton when he decides to hang up his cleats, and he got the chance to tour the halls his bust will one day may call home. (ESPN)

P-Diddy was arrested after an altercation with Sal Alosi. Remember that incident in 2010 that involved a Jets strength coach tripping the Dolphins’ Nolan Carroll as he ran down field during punt coverage? Yeah, that Sal Alosi. (SS)

– Sheldon Richardson is a monster — period. He broke out as a rookie, earning Defensive Rookie of the Year honors, and he backed that up with a stellar sophomore season. In his third year, look for him to take that next step and be mentioned in the same breath as J.J. Watt when it comes time to select the Defensive Player of the Year. (YB)

– In news that directly affects the Jets, Tom Brady’s hearing with Roger Goodell is set for today. The stage for the appeal is set, now what will come of it? Here are some things you need to know about the appeal. (SCT/DO)

– While Brady awaits his sentence from the NFL, Jermaine Cunningham received his sentence from law enforcement in his “revenge porn” case. (BH)

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