New York Jets Draft History – 2010

Joe Malfa continues his look at New York Jets draft history with a review of 2010, maybe the team’s worst draft class ever…

The sixth installment of our ten part series examining the last ten New York Jets drafts, with a look at 2010 — a year of flops.

1st Round, 29th overall pick — Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise St.

In the lead up to this draft, there was a lot of talk about the Jets drafting CB Devin McCourty. When the Patriots snagged him two spots ahead of Gang Green, it was time to go to plan B — Kyle Wilson.

At the time he was drafted, Wilson wasn’t ready to become a top outside corner, nor did he need to become one with Cromartie and Revis ahead of him. His quickness and athleticism allowed him to transition into the slot, but he had some growing pains — growing pains that have never gone away. He has always had trouble sticking with his man, getting his head around to make a play, and keeping the flag in the ref’s belt loop. He had his best season in 2013, as he was statistically one of the league’s best slot corners, but even so, he made a lot of costly mistakes.

With a roster that is now inundated with corners, Wilson was let go and remains on the open market. In the right system, he may be a serviceable slot corner, but nothing more.

2nd Round, 61st overall pick — Vlad Ducasse, OT, UMASS

Big Vlad’s crowning moment as a Jet came in being crowned “King Ugly” during the Jets’ edition of “Hard Knocks.” He was a very raw talent coming out of college, but he never fulfilled the hopes of Mike Tannenbaum.

Vlad didn’t see the field much while in New York, only starting a total of five games before signing a one-year deal with Minnesota in 2014. He started six games for the Vikings and signed a one-year deal this offseason the Bears.

4th Round, 112th overall pick — Joe McKnight, RB, USC

Mark Sanchez likely had a lot to do with this pick, being teammates with McKnight at USC. He had a tough time staying in shape while with the Jets as he failed multiple conditioning tests, but you can’t blame him because according to Bart Scott, he took a pay cut going from USC to the Jets.

He was cut after three lackluster seasons in New York. He signed with the Chiefs in 2014 after taking 2013 off, but he suffered a torn achilles in the second game of the season.

5th Round, 139th overall pick — John Conner, FB, Kentucky

Some of the best moments on “Hard Knocks” came when Rex was sprinting up the sideline as the Terminator laid someone out. Conner spent two years with the Jets before taking a year off and signing with the Giants in 2013. He returned to the Jets during the 2014 season and will likely make the roster again this year as long as the Jets retain a fullback. Conner is a nice piece to have on a run-first team, but the fullback position is near extinction in the NFL.