2015 NFL Draft: 3 Prospects Flying Under the Radar – Part 2

Bob Scarinci goes under the radar to take a closer look at 3 NFL Draft prospects the New York Jets could consider…

In this week’s edition of our series that aims to highlight lesser known NFL prospects, we will take a look at 3 more players. The prospects up for discussion this week are WR Austin Hill from Arizona, DE/OLB Lorenzo Mauldin from Louisville, and the CB out of Miami (OH), Quentin Rollins.

Austin Hill:
Size: 6’3”, 212LBs
Receptions: 49
Receiving Yards: 635
Touchdowns: 4

Sadly, Austin Hill spent most of the 2014 season in a TE-like role. Thus, in an effort to scout him at the position I think he calls home in the pros, I went back to 2012.

What makes him a good prospect?

Austin Hill is a big bodied, physical WR that can do some damage after the catch and beat up cornerbacks through his route, but his greatest strength is his catch radius. He shows the ability to consistently make tough plays look easy when he extends away from his frame and hauls in poorly thrown passes from his QB. Take a look below and see Matt Scott deliver a bullet to Austin Hill for him to have to adjust to the ball behind him and make a very difficult catch look routine.

Where can he improve?

Austin Hill can be a bit stiff in the hips, which slows him down in and out of his breaks in routes. At this juncture, it looks like he’s best when he’s able to play vertically down field, or work his way across the field. His body looks rigid on double moves and he doesn’t get enough flex in the hips and lower body to create separation on routes that involve more crisp cuts. Take a look at the lack of bend in his lower half in the slot here vs UTAH.

Pro Comparison: James Jones
Prospect Rating: Late 2nd round

Lorenzo Mauldin:
Size: 6’4”, 252LBs
Tackles: 51
Tackles for loss: 13
Sacks: 6.5

What makes him a good prospect?

Lorenzo Mauldin is an edge defender that wins as a pass rusher primarily through his active hands and relentless approach. He sports a great first step off the snap, and throws his hands both violently, and with a purpose. The clip below shows you how explosive Mauldin can be as a pass rusher and just how efficiently he can use his hands to get to the QB. He’s towards the top of the screen lined up over the left tackle.

Here is Mauldin using his active hands to disrupt a run in his direction. He does a good job of using his length and then shedding the block with his hands.

Where can he improve?

While Mauldin has shown he can frequently be disruptive in the run game, as shown above, the one area he absolutely must improve to have a shot at a long career and full role in the pros is the ability to anchor and set the edge in the running game. In college, he’s relied on his explosiveness to get into the backfield and make plays, and often gets himself out of position in the run game and washed down by a tackle.
Pro Comparison: Jason Worilds
Prospect Rating: Early 2nd round

Quentin Rollins:
Size: 6’1”, 203LBs
Tackles: 54
Interceptions: 7
Defensive TDs: 1

What makes him a good prospect?
Quentin Rollins is a very raw DB prospect, who shows the requisite ball skills and fluidity. He’s a willing and capable tackler, and when he trusts his keys, he is an explosive downfield play maker. Check out Rollins as he makes a great read of the receivers deep out route in the end zone and picks it off.

Where can he improve?
Rollins’ current biggest weaknesses are his ability to execute a proper jam at the line of scrimmage, and that he can frequently let his eyes wander. He has the athletic ability to be a starting CB in the NFL, without a doubt, but until his technique gets better at the LOS, he’s going to need to be limited to off-man duties. On this play, he gets toasted off the line for what turns into an easy slant route TD for Michigan.

Pro Comparison: Dee Milliner
Prospect Rating: Mid 2nd round

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