TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – December 21st, 2014

Joe Malfa with a New York Jets link dump for week 16

Last week, there were a lot of Jet fans who were rooting for a loss and were disappointed with a win. This week, again, there are a lot of fans rooting for a loss, and to that I have this to say…

From day one, Rex Ryan was defiant, saying he would “never kiss Belichick’s rings.” Rex is now at the end of his 6th (and likely final) season as the head coach of Gang Green. Throughout his tenure, through the good times and the bad, the one constant has been that he has forced the Patriots to fight for every single game. It would be poetic justice for Rex,to lead his 3-11 team to victory over the 11-3 Patriots, spoiling their bid for home-field-advantage in the AFC. With that being said, draft choice be damned, a win in this game would provide some sweetness to what has been a bitter season overall.

Now for the Link Dump:

– Here are 7 things that will have a big impact on the outcome of today’s game. (NYJ)

– Here is the injury report for today’s game. (FS)

– In all likelihood, today will be the final time Rex Ryan takes the field at MetLife Stadium as head coach of the New York Jets. His counterpart, Bill Belichick, was also the head coach of the Jets at one point, but he never took the field for a “final time” with the Jets — in fact, he never took the field once for the Jets. How differently might things have gone if Belichick decided to don the Jets hoodie instead? (ESPN)

– Though Rex may be gone physically, his presence will indubitably linger in the form of the confidence he has instilled in his players. A prime example would be the comments made by Sheldon Richardson earlier in the week, as he claimed he’s just as good as J.J. Watt. Is Richardson a tremendous player? Yes. Is he J.J. Watt? Pump the breaks Shelly. (ESPN)

– While he may not be J.J. Watt just quite yet, Richardson is a part of arguably the best young defensive front in the league, and it’s this defensive line that the Jets need to build around going forward. (B/R)

– Here are ESPN New York’s predictions and CBS Boston’s predictions for the outcome of today’s game. (ESPN/CBS)