New York Jets – Who Stays? Who Goes?

Joe Malfa on who stays and goes for the New York Jets

For the New York Jets to have success going forward, significant changes need to be made both on and off the field. Joe Malfa looks at who he believes will stay, and will be shown the door. 

Who goes

John Idzik – Is Woody Johnson a great owner? I’ll leave that up for interpretation, but the one thing he has always tried to do is give the fans exactly what they want (see keeping Rex Ryan at the end of last season) because at the end of the day, if the fans aren’t happy, he’s not making money. With that being said, I’m sure Woody is aware of the fans’ displeasure with Idzik. For a guy who preaches building through the draft, Idzik hasn’t really done a great job of that. Between missing on virtually every draft pick (except for Sheldon Richardson) and his unwillingness to spend any money, he has left this team completely bereft of talent.

Entire front office – Woody Johnson fired Mike Tannenbaum because the team needed a fresh start, but while Woody may have gotten rid of the puppet, he didn’t get rid of the guys pulling all the strings. It’s time to part ways with “Teflon” Terry Bradway, Jeff Bauer, Brendan Prophett, and everyone else in the front office. For a true fresh start, Woody needs to blow things up and start from scratch.

Rex Ryan – On the heels of a season in which the team barely made it to 8-8 and Rex barely kept his job, the team is 2-10. This one is quite obvious, it almost goes without saying at this point.

David Harris – Besides the fact that Harris is going to want a lot of money, I believe that he will follow Rex wherever he goes, just like Bart Scott did. I personally see a Harris, Revis, and Ryan reunion down in Atlanta.

Chris Johnson and Michael Vick  – Both of these players signed two-year deals prior to the start of this season that would allow them to be cut after year one if things didn’t work out — clearly, things haven’t worked out. At 29 years of age, Johnson is in the twilight of his career and will surely want one more chance to play on a competitive team, while the 34 year-old Vick wants one more chance to start for a competitive team. The key phrase here is “competitive team,” something the Jets won’t be for at least another couple of seasons.

Other notables on the way out: Calvin Pace, Willie Colon, and Dawan Landry

Who stays

Damon Harrison – “Snacks” will be the top priority in the offseason. It’s quite obvious that this team’s strength is the defensive line, and it’s imperative that the line is kept intact.

Percy Harvin – With the way the contract is structured, the Jets could cut Harvin without much trouble this offseason, but the team isn’t in position to part ways with its deadliest weapon. As long as he doesn’t become an issue in the locker room, I’d expect Harvin to be back in green and white next season.

Bilal Powell – With Chris Johnson likely on the way out and Chris Ivory being the injury-prone back that he is, the [hopefully brand new] front office needs to make sure that Powell is still a Jet. He was very productive in 2013 as the number-two back — a role that would once again be his in 2015.

Geno Smith – Let’s get one thing clear — Geno Smith will NOT be the Jets’ starter next season, but for all of the boneheaded plays he makes, every now and then he’ll make a tremendous throw that makes you say, “where’d that come from?!” With another offseason to hopefully eliminate some of those boneheaded mistakes, Geno may develop into a serviceable backup QB.

Kyle Wilson – Wilson is everyone’s favorite scapegoat on the defense, but to be completely honest, you could do worse at the nickel corner position. In addition to that, just like the Jets aren’t in a position to part ways with Harvin, they can’t afford to part with a CB. Expect Wilson to be brought back at a relatively low cost.

Other notables who should stay: Kenrick Ellis, Leger Douzable, and Nick Bellore (key special teamer)