TOJ NFL Week 10 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Mike Donnelly of TOJ breaks down the week 10 NFL gambling lines and makes his picks

 As this miserable Jets season spirals further and further into the depths of hell, I feel like we all need something to grasp on to and look forward to each and every Sunday. I mean, there’s only so much “Should we draft Jameis or Mariota?!” talk that a Jets fan can take, right? Well, I have a better idea: lets do some NFL Gambling! If you’re reading this and are going to be throwing some money down on games this weekend I’d love to hear your thoughts on my picks and who you’re throwing down on when the ball kicks off on Sunday as well. Last week I hit 4 out of 5 best bets and I think I have a good read on this week’s games, so let’s get into it…

(As always, Mike Florio’s pick will be listed as well. He’s coming off a 9-4 week last week so you can expect an out and out disaster from him this week, I think. Keep an eye on this.)

Bengals -6.5 vs Browns – Ok, so I meant I have a good read on SUNDAY’S games. This was a disaster. Florio pick: Bengals.

Titans +10.5 @ Ravens – Just seems like too many points for the Ravens to be laying in this spot. It’s a prime letdown position for Baltimore, and with Tennessee coming off a bye, I have a feeling they’re going to keep this one close. Plus, Florio has the Ravens winning by 24, so I’m going to take my chances here on this one. Florio pick: Ravens

Bills PK vs. Chiefs – This is the game you’ll bet on the Chiefs, think it’s looking good all game, then for SOME REASON, Andy Reid will decided to stop giving the ball to Jamaal Charles midway through the 3rd quarter as you scream and curse at your TV. Andy Reid is the best (as long as you aren’t betting on his team). Florio pick: Chiefs

Dolphins +2.5 @ Lions – Lions seem like too obvious of a pick here, no? I’m not taking the bait. Nope, not gonna do it. You can’t make me, as much as I want to. Oh wait, Calvin is back this week?! Ahhhh… nope, still not doing it. Florio pick: Lions

Jaguars +7.5 vs. Cowboys – This game is in London, and London games are freaking weird. I’ll take the points with the team quarterbacked by a guy without a broken back who had to fly across the Atlantic Ocean for the game. Florio pick: Cowboys

49ers +5 @ Saints – I hate going against Drew Brees in his dome, but I’ll take the points here. The 49ers were embarrassed last week, so it’s a good spot for them to bounce back and prove people wrong. At least that’s the logic I’m choosing to go with, because the “Colin Kaepernick sucks” side of things scares the hell out of me. Florio pick: Saints

Jets +4 vs. Steelers – The trap of all trap games here. Is there ANYONE out there betting on the Jets? And the line went from 6 to 4? Yeahhhh…. don’t take the bait. Jets may actually win this one. Florio pick: Steelers (by 20)

Falcons -2.5 vs. Bucs – Matt Ryan Outdoors! And I’m taking it! What is the world coming to? This is a clear trap here set by Vegas but I’ve seen the Bucs play. I can’t back them. Ever. Florio pick: Falcons

Broncos -12 @ Raiders – After the way Denver got smacked around last week, I’d be shocked if they don’t win this game by 3 touchdowns while Peyton pads his stats big time. Florio pick: Broncos

Rams +7.5 @ Cardinals – A little too much “The Cardinals can host the Super Bowl!” talk going on lately, huh? I’ll just be over here betting on the Rams to cover this spread if you’re looking for me. Thanks. Florio pick: Cardinals

Giants +10 @ Seahawks – Ehhh, wahtever. Florio pick: Giants

Bears +8.5 @ Packers – Being that I’m heavily invested in multiple Packers players in fantasy football this week, I’m going to take the Bears here and figure I can’t lose everything, right? Of course, now this will be like a 3-0 game or something. Ugh. Florio pick: Packers

Panthers +7.5 @ Eagles – Picking the Panthers has nothing to do with Mark Sanchez here. I think Sanchez is going to be absolutely awesome and much better than Nick Foles, actually. This has to do with the Panthers offense breaking out against a poor Eagles defense and keeping this one close. Also, if you have Kelvin Benjamin in fantasy and you don’t play him this week, you are an idiot.

Best Bets: Bills, Jets, Broncos, Rams, Jaguars

Teaser of the Week: 3 Team/10 Point – Broncos -2, Seattle PK, Jets +14

Last Week: 7-6 Overall, 4-1 Best Bets   Florio: 9-4

Season: 66-65-3 Overall, 24-20-1 Best Bets, 5-3 Teasers.   Florio: 63-68-3