TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – November 24th, 2014

New York Jets links for week 12 2014 from Joe Malfa

Week 12 New York Jets links from Joe Malfa

– In case you lost all contact to the outside world over the last few days, and you’re wondering why the Jets are playing the Bills on Monday night in Detroit, here’s an explanation. (NPR)

– Rex Ryan doesn’t care whether the game is being played in Detroit, Buffalo, Saskatchewan, or El Paso — he believes his team is ready and that they’re a “zillion ways” better than the last time they played the Bills. (CBS)

– The bye week and an extra day off due to the snow allowed all banged up member of Gang Green to get healthy. Here is the Jets injury report for the week. (CBS)

– On the schedule, this was supposed to be a Bills home game. Technically speaking, it will still be a Bills home game, except in Detroit. However, if the Detroit fans who will attend the game listen to their local radio station, it will be a very pro-Jets crowd. (NYDN)

– At 7:00 P.M. ET tonight, all the craziness will go away and the game between the Jets and Bills will finally be played. Here is a complete preview for the game.

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