Why the FireIdzik Campaign is Stupid + Week 9 Picks

Well, it’s come to this, huh? I guess none of us should be surprised with the fickle and downright crappy nature of most New York Jets fans that a campaign has sprouted up to raise $10,000 (that’s American dollars too) so that they could put up a Fire John Idzik billboard. That’s right, 10 grand for… a John Idzik billboard that nobody will give a crap about. And the insane part is that some people out there are actually donating their money to this! Well, before you open up your wallet and type in your credit card number on their little website to give them your money, do me a favor and read this first.

Now, before we get started here, let me be clear: This is NOT a defense of John Idzik in any way, shape, or form. I’m not saying the actual premise of “Fire Idzik” is that far off base. Most of his moves this year have backfired, and I understand the frustration amongst the fan base. I get that, I do. Personally, I think the criticism of the man has been overblown. Let’s not forget this team is only a few plays away from having wins over Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, New England, and Denver, but that’s a story for another article. That’s not to say there have been some head-scratching things along the way, however.

He obviously blew the whole cornerback situation – amongst other things – and it’s pretty impossible to defend that at this point. What’s also impossible to defend, though, is that some morons out there have actually given money to these random people on the internet who had an idea to put up a billboard, as if that will get anything done. Come on! Join me as I run through the reasons why the whole premise is stupid and why you probably need to sterilize yourself so you don’t sprout future generations of idiots on the world if you took part in this…

1.) No matter what your thoughts are on John Idzik, this is stupid. What’s the payoff here, you drive on the Turnpike or down Rt. 3 in whatever desolate location this billboard actually goes up, you see it, and… what? Honk your horn in delight? Is that the goal? “Look what we did! We wasted 10 grand! Woooo!!!” I don’t know, maybe you’re the delusional type who thinks that Woody Johnson got to this point in his life where he’s a billionaire who owns a football team by taking advice from billboards that he sees on the road. Maybe he will be in his limo riding to next week’s game, see it, and say “Hey! Pull over! There’s a green sign with some advice for me over there, I better do what it says! Yep, this sign thinks I should fire my GM, I think I’ll do it.”

Maybe if this whole billboard thing doesn’t work out, everyone can start a campaign to buy a company that prints fortune cookie notes and stick them in Woody’s Chinese food  next time he orders. “Hey, my fortune cookie thinks I should fire John Idzik and bench Geno Smith. Get me Rex on the phone!” That should work. In fact, that’s a pretty good backup plan I would say. I expect royalties on this when it’s put into motion.

2.) This appears to be run by just a few random Jets fans with a basic understanding of web design who made a site on the internet. And people are just willingly sending them money because they have their panties in a bunch over the 1-7 start to this season? I scrolled through a bunch of their tweets, and couldn’t believe a lot of what I was seeing. When one fan asked what their plan is for the Jets GM job, other than just “FIRE WHO WE HAVE NOW”, they didn’t offer much of an actual opinion or plan, just this:


Ok, so now we’re getting somewhere. This is being run by a random fan, who knows a little about web design, and sucks at fantasy football. Yeah, this seems like someone I want to throw my support and money behind, right? Then, when confronted about how stupid this whole thing was, the tweets became somewhat defensive and they told fans they can start their OWN website, with the suggestion being SupportJohnIdzik.com. Oh, those jokesters. They compounded that, by then telling people they look forward to seeing THEIR billboards that support Idzik in the future. I guess we’re having a big old fashioned BILLBOARD CONTEST here, where the only way to decide the future of the Jets General Manager job is by putting up the biggest, best, and most billboards in the area. That’s how things get done!

The coup de grace, however, was delivered by @EWhaley95 when sent a seemingly supportive tweet asking how to donate to the cause and if they accept “updog” for payment. I’m sure you can see where this one is headed, but here it is for you to see for yourself.


Yep, the leaders of this big movement, whom people are sending their hard-earned money to, fell for the freaking UPDOG JOKE. Seems legit.

Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 11.20.30 AM

Couldn’t have said that any better myself…

3.) People need to relax. Like seriously now, you really need to relax. I understand this season has sucked a lot, but because you’re unhappy after 8 games, it’s come to this? This is what’s wrong with society these days. Apparently people just expect things to be handed to them, and when they aren’t the solution is to just bitch, moan, and complain. This is ONE bad season. This is not Kotite or Matt Millen as much as some Jets “fans” out there want it to be so they can suffer and be happy. Last year the team was 8-8 and Idzik was pretty much universally praised for the job he did. Going into this season, nobody was saying this was a 3-win team, so it’s not like everyone’s been crapping on Idzik all along, either.

This is a clear case of “HEY LOOK AT US” going on. There’s not even any good reasoning behind it. “I don’t like the GM” is about as stupid as it gets, and don’t even get me started on the “DERR we pay good money for our tickets to watch this team DERR” crap. If you’re so worried about your finances and “wasting money” then here’s an idea: Don’t spend $10,000 on a meaningless billboard. Don’t spend money to design a website. And then don’t complain when the team is good again and your tickets are suddenly back in big demand, because I don’t want to hear it. 

The thing that made me laugh the most (other than the updog joke) was that they said with a straight face that people can make their own billboards in support of Idzik. There are lots of players, coaches, and general managers that I’ve both supported and disliked over the years. That doesn’t mean I go out and buy billboard space to show my opinions. You won’t see “PLAY JACE AMARO MORE – @TheMikeDonnelly” on a billboard on your way to the stadium. Because that’s stupid. I just do what everyone else does, and I bitch about things on twitter, because that’s the football fan way. And guess what, my tweets will have just as much of an impact on Woody Johnson’s decision-making as your billboard will: ZERO. 

So in conclusion, this is not an impassioned defense of John Idzik or even saying the message of the billboard campaign is that bad. The problem is the whole spending money to spread a message that nobody cares about. This is why Jets fans get a bad rap, and it’s pretty annoying. Everyone needs to just relax, stop being a bunch of crybabies, and before you click that donate button on the website, take a deep breath and stop and think about this. You could take that $20 you were about to lose forever for no reason, go to the liquor store, and buy a case of beer. Don’t forget, there are 8 more games left this season and you’re probably going to need those beers a whole lot more than some stupid billboard. You’re welcome.


Now, real quick here are my Week 9 NFL picks. Last week I screwed up and forgot to publish the picks and didn’t realize until I was about 8 beers, 4 shots, and 1 keg stand deep at a tailgate at MetLife Stadium. Whoops. Anyway, me and Florio both went 7-8, which kinda sucks. Here are this week’s picks, and the ones with a $ after are the games that Florio is opposite me on, for the record.

Panthers +3 (Loss), and Florio had Saints. Bad start

Dolphins -1 $

Jaguars +11.5 $

Bucs +7.5 $

Vikings PK

Eagles PK

Jets +10 $

Cardinals +1

49ers -10 $

Broncos -3 $

Seahawks -15.5

Steelers +1

Giants +3 $

Best Bets: Giants +3, Steelers +1, Vikings PK, Dolphins -1, Jaguars +11.5