Turn On The Jets Link Dump – Week 8 Edition

Joe Malfa with a New York Jets link dump for week 8

This past Wednesday, NFL.com put out an article in which six Around the NFL writers presented a trade possibility he’d like to see happen in the next week — the trade proposed by Dan Hanzus had the Browns sending Johnny Manziel to the Jets for a 2nd round draft pick. When I first read this, I felt like throwing my laptop out of the window because there was no way that anyone in their right mind could see that trade happening before the deadline. After I realized the the article was written for entertainment purposes and not to predict realistic trade possibilities, I calmed down a bit and gave the trade for Manziel some thought. There is one scenario in which I do see the trade being a possibility, but not until the offseason.

It wouldn’t make sense from either team’s perspective to pull the trigger on this one mid-season — Manziel serves as insurance for Hoyer in case of an injury down the stretch, and Geno will be given a chance to show what he can do with a new weapon in Harvin. This is sink or swim time for Geno; if he plays well, then he’ll be the guy going forward, but if he fails to produce, he’ll need to find himself a good real estate agent. In the event of Geno failing to produce, this trade would fit perfectly. For only a second round pick, the Jets would get a fresh start at quarterback with a guy who has a lot of potential, allowing them to spend their first rounder on another position of need (CB/OL). For the Browns, it allows them to sign Hoyer to a long-term deal without any drama, as he has already come out and said he will not sign a long-term deal if Manziel is still around.

With Decker, Harvin, Kerley, and Amaro as his weapons now, I truly believe Geno will be just fine; however, if he does fail to produce, trading a second-round pick in the offseason for Manziel would make a lot of sense for both teams.

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