TOJ Roundtable – Revised New York Jets Predictions Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses expectations for the rest of the 2014 New York Jets season

The TOJ Roundtable is back. Make sure to give everybody a follow on Twitter and to let us know your opinion down in the comment section below! Today’s question is…

With a 1-4 start and upcoming games against Denver and New England. What do you think the 2014 New York Jets record ends up being?

Joe Caporoso – It is most likely that the Jets will be 1-6 after the next two weeks. I’ve always said that I could never see a Rex Ryan team truly bottoming out to a 3-4 win type season but when two of your young defensive leaders (Demario Davis and Sheldon Richardson) are publicly calling out your communication and preparation, it makes you wonder. However, I think it is more realistic that the Jets will improve with a healthy Eric Decker and Dee Milliner (fingers crossed) and a handful of younger players will improve as the year goes on. The schedule will soften up and they’ll probably finish 5-4 or maybe even 6-3, leading to a raging debate about Rex’s status for 2015. More clearly, if I had to reset my prediction I’d say they will finish 6-10 or 7-9…maybe 8-8 if they can pull off an upset in one of the next two games.

Connor Rogers – I originally predicted the Jets missing the playoffs with a 9-7 record. After missing close opportunities against the Bears and Packers, the team is facing a serious threat of starting the season 1-6.

With a weak 2nd half schedule and a team with more talent than given credit for, the Jets will still win 6-7 games. Even though he has struggled immensely, Rex Ryan will not quit at any point of the season. Read all the mock drafts you want right now, but the Jets will not be picking in the top 5 come Spring time.

Cole Patterson – The Jets are clearly struggling right now. With two tough games on the horizon, 1-6 is looming. Their impressive performance against the Packers and promising one against the Bears are in the rear view mirror and a beat down at the hands of the Chargers fresh in fans minds. That being said, one cannot discount the team’s promising start outright.

The Jets can be in every game they play even with a host of mistakes (see Week 2). The Chargers blowout was the culmination of an implosion that has been looming since Geno’s pick six to start Week 3. Hopefully, there will be a regression to the mean and the Jets will get back to keeping things close. If they look like the team that almost beat the Packers, following the bye, then they could string together 5 or 6 wins and finish just below 8-8, where I predicted they would be to start the season.

TJ Rosenthal – At best the Jets will go 6-10. 7-9 is a big stretch but if all positives gel at once for an extended time the way all negatives worked together last week to create a 31-0 shelling.

I don’t say that the Jets can actually approach .500 from a 1-4 start because of the schedule though, This whole notion that it gets easier after New England is wrong. The Jets are the team that others are circling as a win on paper, not vice versa. Forget last week. The Jets can play with most teams. Denver, I’m not sure about but everyone else, yes. The problem is, they can’t stretch the field, so the run game won’t have room to explode. The corners can’t make an impact so the pass rush is neutralized by the three step drop. This means every team they play has a chance to win too, even the weaker ones.

So the glass half full view of the Jets winning some of the tight ones they’ve lost leaves them right best case scenario, right below 8-8. The question is will a QB be developed by then. Will it be clear if Rex should stay or go? If the Jets are 7-9 and STILL have those key issues unresolved, then the season will have been a waste.

Dalbin Osorio – Unlike some of my blogger bredren sitting around this roundtable, I think 9-7 is still attainable. Most Jets fans had the Jets at 1-4 or 2-3 at this point in the schedule and here they sit at…1-4. Yes, they play Denver (the best team in the AFC) and New England (a team that bounced back rather nicely from getting thrashed to destroy Cincinnati). See how quickly things can change from a week to week basis in the NFL? A week ago, we were debating whether Tom Brady was finished and now all is right in Patriots Land. Just a week ago, we were talking about how the AFC East is winnable for the first time in a long time, and now we’re discussing mock drafts? Incredible.

In any event, I think the Jets aren’t the team that got smacked by San Diego just like I don’t think they’re the team that went up 18 in Lambeau against a top 3 or 4 NFC team. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I don’t think the Jets will come out flat against either of these two very good teams, and I still think the Jets go 9-7. How they get there is anybody’s guess, but that’s why they play the game.

Dan Marcus – If we’re being technical about it, you will recall that I predicted (although facetiously) that this team would go 2-14 and although I hoped I wouldn’t be right, I don’t think I’m that far off. This team is staring down the barrel of being 1-6 and in this league, that’s a hole you don’t dig out of, especially if you have a propensity to beat yourself, the way the Jets do. My heart tells me that this team has too much pride to just roll over and die so I wouldn’t be shocked if they pull one of these next two games out in dramatic fashion but my head says that this is probably going to get uglier.

Knowing what I know about the Jets, they will probably win a bunch of meaningless games because of some pride factor and ruin their chances at a top-five draft pick by going 6-10. If you want something to cling to for hope, it’s the fact that the Jets haven’t played a division game yet and have only lost one conference game so if the light somehow goes on and they figure out a way to start winning games, 9-7 should be good enough to get the job done. That said, I haven’t seen anything out of this team that says they can even string together two wins in a row, let alone 8 out of 11. It’s frustrating because this is year two of a three-year rebuilding process and now it looks like it will be even longer with the inevitability of a new coach, system, and Quarterback coming in 2015. It’s always darkest before dawn but it has the potential to get much darker before we see any light start to break this season.

Michael O’Connor – I guess we’re all kind of in that stage right now where we were so wrong about the Jets’ chances this year that it hurts.  Yes it’s only Week 6, but this team is very poorly coached and thin in multiple areas, and there’s been more than enough evidence to prove that so far this season.  We know from recent history that when Rex Ryan starts to lose and get exposed, he’s too stubborn to his gameplans and typical tactics to adjust, especially with his defense.  with the defense getting dismantled on Sunday I think that might be the final straw we needed to see go.  It’s going to be a losing season for sure, the question is just how bad.

The thing with deciding how many wins the Jets will collect by season’s end is that the schedule getting easier after Denver and New England is such a mirage.  At the moment, the team is flat-out bad, and last week’s performance probably wouldn’t have beat one team in the league.  I’ll guess that the Jets get healthier and naturally win four more games to finish 5-11 and maybe 6-10 this season, which will definitely be enough to get Ryan fired so they can finally embark on something new.

Joe Malfa – I’m going to go ahead and put the team at 1-6 with loses to the Broncos and Patriots — they may be able to eventually turn things around, but it won’t happen during the next two games.

Prior to the start of the season, you could look at the Jets’ schedule and say that it would get significantly easier after the Murderer’s Row of quarterbacks in weeks 2-7. Now, five weeks into the season, that schedule doesn’t seem so easy: the Bills (twice) have been good and are a better team with Kyle Orton; the Chiefs have been good and are even better at Arrowhead (where the game against the Jets will be); the Steelers haven’t been consistent, but they’re still a good team; the Dolphins (twice), like the Steelers, haven’t been consistent but have played very well in a couple of games; the Vikings have only looked good with Bridgewater under center, and he will be back from injury well before the showdown with Gang Green; the Titans haven’t looked good at all (maybe the only game the Jets will be favored in); the Patriots come to town on December 21st, just in time to put a damper on the holiday season.

I’m not in any way saying the Jets will lose every game, but with the way the team has looked through five weeks, I don’t see more than another three or four wins on the schedule, putting them at either 4-12 or 5-11.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports