Super Fast Thursday Edition – Jets vs. Patriots

Dan Marcus with final notes on Jets vs Patriots

I don’t know that you can paint many positives from a 1-5 start but at least this team showed some fight and even gave fans a reason to “buy in” emotionally as they were technically in the game against the Broncos right up until the end. However, at 1-5 the Jets are on the verge of being officially buried and the NFL schedule Gods are showing them no mercy by making them turn around and head to New England on a short week. Without further preamble here’s everything you need to know

Story Lines of Note: 

Apparently We Almost Drafted Brady

Pace Not Happy With Schedule Makers 

Revis and Belichick Primed to Throw Down Gauntlet

Rex Feeling the Pressure 

Picks (If You Care About Such Things): 


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Quote of the Week: 

“How do I feel about Thursday games in general? Sells tickets, I guess.”-

Sheldon “Boss Hogg” Richardson on Thursday Night Games

Dan’s “Two Cents”:

I feel like it’s the same song and dance every year when it comes to the Patriots, they (for the most part) never really have great teams and seem vulnerable but when the Jets make the trek up there something inevitably goes wrong. Whether it’s receivers dropping balls, fumbling out of the end zone, you name it something happens that inevitably costs the Jets a win. The same can be said for this year, despite an improved defense and secondary this version of the Patriots is still deficient in key areas especially up front and yet they will still cruise to 12 wins and a Division Title because there is no justice in this world.

This particular match-up has a similar feel to last year’s Thursday night tilt, where the Jets defense man-handled the Patriots for most of the game and should have won if not for three Geno Smith turnovers. The weather forecast calls for a significant amount of rain like it did last year and in year’s past I would call that an advantage for the Jets but considering their proven inability to establish the run, their QB’s propensity to turn the ball over, and the inconsistency of their wide receivers, it doesn’t look too promising.

I want to say Gang Green will go up to New England, shock the world, and give themselves something to build upon with Buffalo coming to town next week but because of everything I just mentioned, coupled with the short week, I simply can’t. At the end of the day, it comes down to the Offense because if they can show up, establish the run, and not turn the ball over then the Jets should be primed to take this down to the wire and may even steal a win. That said, there is nothing they have done up to this point that proves they are capable of accomplishing that relatively small feat. Crazier things have happened and I do think this is a very prideful unit that will continue to fight but that only goes so far. Any semblance of hope rests on the shoulders of Geno Smith, which doesn’t inspire much confidence but I guess that’s why they play the game. I expect the Jets to at least prove to Vegas that they are better than the borderline insulting 10.5 point spread.