Super Fast Saturday: The Lion’s Come to Our Den

Dan Marcus goes Super Fast Saturday to get you ready for Jets/Lions

I’ll tell you one thing about this Jets’ team, despite all of the horrible miscues and mental mistakes, if there’s anything these last three weeks have shown us, it’s that this team can hang with anyone in football even while shooting themselves in the foot multiple times. This week has the makings of a must-win game because being 1-3 going into consecutive games against the Chargers, Broncos, and Pats, respectively. Let’s save the preamble and get right to what you need to know heading into Sunday:

Injury Report: 

Story Lines of Note:

Simplifying the Offense for Geno

Banged Up Megatron Licking His Chops

Ivory to Get More Work

Picks (If You Care About Such Things):


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Quote of the Week: 

“I may be crazy but I’m not that crazy.”- 

Rex on Playing Single-High Coverage Against Calvin Johnson

Dan’s “Two Cents”:

God is this a frustrating team to watch but not for the usual reasons, this year it’s obvious that they are capable of winning games without the need for flukey breaks and borderline miracles however, they continue to throw up all over themselves en route to costing themselves wins. At least that’s what the story has been thus far.

Everyone knew that this would be a rough stretch of schedule but if the Jets played halfway mistake-free football, the Jets very well could and probably should be 3-0 but we can’t dwell in the past and have to move forward. This week the Jets take on an almost mirror-image of themselves minus the talent on offense as both of these teams have a propensity to make inopportune and dumb mistakes. The obvious question is how Rex and his defense will be able to shut down Megatron, guaranteed they will bracket him in coverage with a help Safety over the top but the real threat could be Reggie Bush, whose ability to catch the ball out of the backfield could prove to be a challenge. It has the makings of a “bend but don’t break for the defense” I would expect to see some more creative play-calling out of Rex.

On the flip side, it really depends upon how healthy Eric Decker is this week and how much (if at all) he is able to contribute. Without him, this looks like an average at best receiving corps, which means Marty Mornhinweg will be tasked with getting the Tight Ends involved more and bringing Jace Amaro along as weapon opposing teams have to account for. The Lions have a pretty stout run defense with Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley anchoring the middle of that Defensive Line so if the Jets intend on running the ball, it better be out of some power-run sets, which have been used only sparingly this season with most of the offense being run out of the Shotgun. As always, it should come down to Geno Smith and his ability to play mistake-free football, which has proved to be easier said than done. This is far from a lock but I don’t want to imagine having to be 1-3 going into three very tough games so it is imperative the Jets hold home court…no picks from me just aspirations.