New York Jets – Inside the Defensive Film Room (Week 2)

Connor Rogers goes inside the defensive film room in the Jets week two loss to the Packers.

The Jets suffered an extremely disappointing 31-24 defeat in Green Bay this weekend, blowing a commanding first half lead. What went wrong with the defense in the second half? Who stood out and had a big week? Let’s take a look in the film room:

Stand Out Play – Jets Shutdown Rodgers and Company Halfway Through Q1


Pryor and Landry are the safeties sitting in cover 2. On the previous drive, the Jets overload blitzed Rodgers multiple times and sacked him twice (Coples and Davis). This time, they fake the overload blitz and drop into zone.

The zone takes away the wide out drag routes and underneath tight end or running back passes. Antonio Allen is in man coverage on the lower outside, Darrin Walls on top of the screen grab. This type of look reduces the pressure (rush four), but bolsters the pass defense and takes away the deep passes. Watch what happens:

The Jets four man rush forces Rodgers to the right, taking away half the field. The middle zone leaves Jordy Nelson as the only target, but Darrin Walls locks him down one on one. This was my favorite play from the defense, as it showed the Jets flip the switch. They faked the overload, sat in a zone, and confused Rodgers even though he had all day to throw.

What Went Wrong – Second Packers’ TD Drive in Q3

Unfortunately the Jets switched to this look in the second half, which burned them multiple times:


The Jets overload blitz the right side, trying to narrow Rodgers’ field again. Only problem is he recognizes this and has both backs stay in to seal the edges (Kuhn peels right, Lacy goes right). Calvin Pryor makes a rookie mistake and does not cheat over to the only target lined up out wide, which is Jordy Nelson up top vs. Dee Milliner:

Rodgers has time to throw and this times makes the Jets pay. He hit Nelson for a 33 yard completion on the drive before this against the same formation – Milliner one on one with Pryor in cover one. The Jets did not adjust and a top five quarterback in the league will recognize this right away, ultimately leading to a Packers’ second half come back. Keep an eye on which formation the Jets run against Jay Cutler and the Bears’ plethora of receiving options in week three.