New York Jets Daily News Sadness

Mike Donnelly of TurnOnTheJets critiques a column by Gary Myers of the Daily News calling for Michael Vick to start over Geno Smith for the New York Jets.

As we all know, the media coverage for our New York Jets can be insufferable at times. Sure, there are plenty of very good beat writers and columnists who do a great job covering the team, but too often they get overshadowed by the pure garbage that gets printed, which is a shame.

Speaking of garbage, Gary Myers wrote a column today! It was a doozy too, in which he discussed the Jets “quarterback controversy” while making his case for Michael Vick being the starter. At least, I think that was his premise, because the whole thing was a sloppy mess that ran off the rails pretty quickly. So grab a drink, sit down, and let’s analyze this…

Here’s a link to the original column:

(The parts in bold are straight from the column. The rest is my commentary on what he wrote.)

Vick is 34 years old and he is not the Jets future. He also gets hurt too much and fumbles too much. 

This is the quarterback ol’ Gary is supporting here in this column, just so we’re clear.

Smith is 23 and has a chance to be the Jets quarterback for a long time if he can take big strides in his second season.

And this is the guy he thinks should be benched, for the record. 

Michael Vick gives the Jets a better chance to win this season.

You know, other than being too old, too injury-prone, and fumbling too much, according to Gary himself.

The quarterback results were predictable Thursday night in the thrilling 13-10 preseason-opening victory over the Colts

Really? It seemed to me like everyone was pretty curious to see how they’d both perform. But I guess I don’t know QB’s quite as well as Gary Myers does…

Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 9.35.37 AM

Oh, right. Nevermind.

Smith looked like he’s improved from his rookie year, showing more confidence in the pocket and a better command at the line of scrimmage.

Again, this is the guy Gary thinks should be benched. Sure, Geno closed out his rookie year very strong and everyone agrees he looks way better now, but let’s stunt that growth and throw him on the bench.

Then Vick came in, and after receiving a nice ovation from the sparse crowd at MetLife Stadium, he had a couple of electric moments that brought back memories of when he was the most explosive player in the league.

Vick’s 15-yard run on 3rd and 9 was certainly very impressive, I agree with that. And while I think Vick played well, I’m not totally sure what the other “electric moments” were though.

He immediately moved the Jets 80 yards on 14 plays, running twice for a total of 19 yards and completing 3-of-5 passes for 17 yards

Hard to say he “immediately” moved 80 yards when it took 14 plays. Also, there’s curiously no mention of the TWO 15-yard penalties committed by the Colts to assist in the drive. 

On his second series, he had a pass batted down and took a sack.

Well, I’ve seen enough! Start that man!

Quarterback controversy?


Not quite.

That’s what I said. What’s the point of all this?


Because there shouldn’t be?

Vick had his moments, but didn’t make up any ground on Smith and didn’t give the coaches any reason to divert from their plan of getting Smith ready to start the opener against the Raiders on Sept. 7.

Oh. So again, what the hell is the point of this column?

Vick may be 34 years old, he may get hurt too much and fumble too often

Yeah, you mentioned this already. It’s hard to believe that this is the guy Gary is supporting… you know, if there was a QB competition, which everyone seems to agree there isn’t and shouldn’t be.

If this was truly an open competition, which it is not…

See? Even Gary agrees!

…then Vick would win the job.

I’m so confused. 

He has been the ideal teammate so far.

This I agree with.

Idzik drafted Smith in the second round last year – his first draft as Jets GM – and he has a lot invested in Smith.


He brought in Vick to be Smith’s mentor, to push him and be quality insurance, but he did not bring him in to compete for the starting job. He is not the Jets’ future.

I’m Gary Myers! Look at all these stupid words I’m writing contradicting myself over and over and making stupid points. I sure hope my editors don’t realize I’m mailing these in and stealing money at this point!

Smith is 23 and has a chance to be the Jets quarterback for a long time if he can take big strides in his second season.

But let’s not let him play, right?

If Smith struggles, it’s going to be so tempting for Ryan to turn things over to Vick. 

I guess so. But what if Geno just plays well instead? How about that?

He can be magical and can still play and be a winning QB in the NFL.

Magical? I thought you said he’s too old, too injury-prone, and in love with fumbles? MAGIC!

Smith’s psyche is also in play.

No it isn’t. 

Although Ryan says he never worries about his job security, the coaching business is all about survival and Ryan needs to win games now.

Yeah, that’s why he’s starting Smith.

Smith was on the field for just two drives and 11 plays. Nothing memorable.

How dare that loser not score 17 touchdowns in those 11 plays! 

Smith will get more reps next Saturday night against the Bengals and then the following week against the Giants.

Wow, really?! Ya don’t say. The team’s starting quarterback is going to get snaps? 

As long as he stays healthy and doesn’t fall apart in the next three weeks, the starting job belongs to him.

Soooo….we agree Geno is the starter then? This is all so stupid.

But if Smith struggles, I don’t think Ryan will hesitate to go to the bullpen and bring in the lefthander.

But it’s the wrong lefthander! If only the Jets listened to me eight years ago and drafted Leinart, we wouldn’t be having these controversies! 

And that’s the end. It seems like Gary Myers thinks Michael Vick should start, but not really, or maybe… or… well I’m not even too sure what the hell the point of this column was, to be honest. He says Vick gives the best chance to win, but then states all the reasons Vick shouldn’t start, then admits Geno should start and there’s no controversy, and ends it by saying Vick might come off the bench if Geno struggles? I guess that’s why Gary Myers gets paid the big bucks: to state obvious things everyone already knows.

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