TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – July 8th, 2014

Joe Malfa with your New York Jets links for July 7th…

Your New York Jets links of the day for July 8th, along with your YouTube clip and GIF of the day. SO MUCH VIEWING TO DO!

– Joe Namath, Curtis Martin, Darrelle Revis — three players who all have something in common. Each player was the face of the New York Jets’ franchise at some point in his career (even though Revis is currently public enemy #1). Bucky Brooks gave his take on who the current face of the Jets’ franchise is, and who he believes is next in line for the throne. (NFL)

– One player who probably never crossed Brooks’ mind as the face of the franchise was Geno Smith. According to a poll of 26 NFL insiders, Geno Smith is the worst QB in the league. (NJ)

– The first phrase that comes to mind when I think of Chris Johnson is “game changer.” He has the speed and vision to turn what would be a short gain into a 70-yard touchdown. As long as he’s healthy, he can be the offensive game changer Gang Green desperately needs. (ESPN)

– If Johnson can’t stay healthy, the Jets would still be in pretty good shape at RB. They have a backfield loaded with talent and experience in guys like Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell, Alex Green, and Daryl Richardson. (NYJ)

– The front seven will be the strength of the Jets’ defense. Wilkerson, Richardson, and the defensive line get all of the attention, but the linebackers are this defense’s backbone. (NYJ)

– It seems like only yesterday we watched as Mike Tannenbaum drove off to meet Darrelle Revis at the Roscoe Diner, and as Rex Ryan got a @%^#!*$ snack. This year’s edition of Hard Knocks will feature the Atlanta Falcons. Click here to watch the official trailer. (NFL)

– When watching Hard Knocks, you’ll notice that players on the cusp of making the team receive more airtime than the stars of the team. Keep and eye on these dark horses that may make the Jets’ final 53-man roster. (B/R)

– The information for the launch party of David Nelson’s charity i’mME

Quinton Coples highlights via Nothing But Jets

GIF of the Day: Sloppy Spike…