TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – July 13th, 2014

Joe Malfa with a New York Jets link dump for July 13th, 2014

Your New York Jets links, YouTube clip and GIF of the day…

– Judging from the comments on July 10th’s Link Dump, not many of you like Rich Cimini, so this may just be adding fuel to the fire. Of the three plays he nominated for most memorable in Jets history, this play won. (ESPN)

– In all fairness to Cimini, not all of his articles bash the Jets — most do, but not all. Here’s a rare article where he doesn’t bash the Jets. (ESPN)

– In all of Rex Ryan’s seasons at the helm of the Jets, the team has always had a great defense, but never any real balance. Defense may win championships, but some offense is necessary too. This team may finally have balance.  (B/R)

– Our own Michael O’Connor gave an in-depth look at a possible pursuit of Andre Johnson, here’s another take on the situation. (SI)

Michael Vick made an appearance at a youth football camp in Shreveport, Louisiana, that made a lot of kids very happy. (TTP)

– At 34 years old, Mike Vick is looking to win the starting quarterback job, but he’s ready to embrace a role as a mentor if he finds himself holding a clipboard. (CBS)

– With Vick and Smith ahead of him, Tajh Boyd won’t start unless there’s a real emergency, but he’s working hard to be ready if his name is called. Let’s hope he really is ready, because as we saw last year in Philly, 3rd string quarterbacks may see the field. Vick went down, then Nick Foles went down, and it was Matt Barkley who had to step in and play. (NYJ)

– Matt Barkley will be in a position battle of his own this training camp. The battle won’t be for the starting role, but for the backup job against our old pal — Mark Sanchez.

– With Wilkerson and Richardson getting all the attention on the Jets’ defense, a star is quietly being born at middle linebacker. (SI)

A little of Demario Davis in action…

6 for Chris Ivory…