TOJ Week 14 NFL Gambling Advice and Picks

Week 13 was a pretty crappy schedule from top to bottom and I didn’t have a very good read on it, so I consider myself lucky to have finished 7-8-1 on the week. This week I feel much better about my chances to have a big week and there are actually a few games I absolutely love. Like, love a lot. Love almost as much as Jeff Cumberland loves  dropping passes… ok, well maybe not that much. Let’s got on with the show.

Jaguars +3.5 vs. Texans – This was an easy one. As always, this one was put out on my Twitter, and I felt pretty good about it, because the Texans are an extremely bad and poorly-coached team. Well, maybe not so poorly anymore because they fired Gary Kubiak after the game. I hate to say it, but you know who would be perfect for that team next year? Rex Ryan. That makes me sad to think about. Let’s just move on..

Ravens -6.5 vs. Vikings – I love this game. Bet it, throw it into teasers, money line Baltimore in parlays, do whatever you want with this game and get your free money. How in the hell are the Vikings going to go into Baltimore and keep this game within a touchdown? Yeah, they aren’t.

Chiefs -3 @ Redskins – Something is fishy with this game. Why are the Chiefs only favored by 3? The Redskins are an absolute disgrace, so I don’t care how odd this line is. I’m taking the bait and going with KC here.

Bucs -2.5 vs. Bills – I feel dirty picking a team coached by the legendary Greg Schiano, but I just can’t take the Bills on the road.

Steelers -3 vs. Dolphins – Last time I loved a game this much, the Patriots lost to the Panthers/Referees a few weeks ago, but I’m not going to let that deter me. This is one of my favorite picks of the season. The Steelers are going to win by 10+.

Eagles -3 vs. Lions – I’m taking the Eagles until they give me a reason not to.

Bengals -6.5 vs. Colts – Colts? On the road? Puh-leeeeeze. Lay the points and cash this one.

Patriots -10.5 vs. Browns – You know full well Belichick is going to triple cover Josh Gordon the entire game and then just sit back and watch as Jason Campbell hands the Patriots points.

Raiders +3 @ Jets – Maybe if I start picking against the Jets they’ll actually maybe get a first down or two on offense. Let’s give that a shot. (But I do think the Jets are going to win this one and cover.)

Falcons +3 @ Packers – Never again will I pick the Packers if they trot out Matt Flynn or something named Tolzien again.

Titans +12 @ Broncos – Just seems like an awful lot of points here. Also, screw you, Eric Decker, for what you did to me in fantasy football last week. I hate you.

Cardinals -5 vs. Rams – The Cardinals at home are pretty damn good, especially now that Michael Floyd has emerged as a big time offensive weapon. I have no problem laying the points here in this game.

49ers -2.5 vs. Seahawks – Another game I absolutely love. The Seahawks coming off that huge home win against the Saints are primed for a bit of a letdown. And this game is the 49ers entire season. They know how important this game is and how badly they have to win. They will win this and cover, and I think it will probably be a lot easier than most people think.

Giants +3.5 @ Chargers – I want to pick the Chargers, but just when you feel confident in them, they’re the kind of team to make you regret it. The Giants may not win, but they’ll cover this one.

Saints -3 vs. Panthers – The third game of the week that I absolutely love. The Saints are coming off that embarrassing performance in Seattle and now get to return home to the friendly confines of their dome. The Panthers are undeniably a tough team, but this game is for first place, the Saints are awesome at home (let me repeat that… AWESOME at home), and they have a lot to prove after last week. They’re going to roll in this game.

Bears -1 vs. Cowboys – I don’t feel confident at all about this game, so let’s go with the home team. That’s good analysis, right?


Best Bets: Steelers -3, Saints -3, 49ers -2.5, Ravens -6.5, Chiefs -3

Teaser of the Week: 2 Team / 6 Point – Ravens – 0.5, Bengals -1

Last Week: 7-8-1 Overall, 1-3-1 Best Bets, 1-0 Teaser

Season: 90-95-6 Overall, 31-32-2 Best Bets, 11-6 Teasers