Super Fast Friday: “Eating Crow”

Dan Marcus goes Super Fast Friday to prepare you for Jets/Ravens

The Jets made NFL history last Sunday by becoming the most inconsistent team in league history as the first team to alternate wins and losses through their first 10 games. One can only hope that the trend continues, if only for one more week as the Jets need to bounce back against the Raven in order to stay competitive in the AFC. I won’t rehash the all-too-fresh memories of last week’s debacle so here’s everything you need to know for this Sunday’s game against the Ravens: 

Injury Report: 


Doubtful: WR Jeremy Kerley (elbow), LB Garrett McIntyre (knee).

Probable: G Willie Colon (calf), CB Antonio Cromartie (hip), DT Kenrick Ellis (back), QB David Garrard (knee), WR Stephen Hill (knee), WR Santonio Holmes (foot, hamstring), WR David Nelson (illness), WR Greg Salas (finger), TE Kellen Winslow (knee).


Questionable: DT Haloti Ngata (knee), LB Daryl Smith (thigh), CB Lardarius Webb (abdomen).

Probable: WR Marlon Brown (knee), WR Brandon Stokley (thigh).

Story Lines of Note:

The Team Rallies Behind Geno

Secondary Looking for Answers and Turnovers

Hill’s Problems May Be Physical

Simms Family Tutoring Geno

Picks (If You Care About Such Things):



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Quote of the Week:

“Ask me after the game, when I pick one.”

-Ed Reed when asked what it would be like to get an interception against his old team in their stadium.

Dan’s “Two Cents”: 

At this point, what is there to say about the 2013 New York Jets, every time you think things are breaking their way and they seem to be on the verge of going on a run, they lose to the Bills in embarrassing fashion. These road woes are especially confusing considering how well Rex Ryan teams have historically played on the road but if these Jets expect to somehow be talking about the “P Word” then they have to find a way to win on the road, especially this weekend.

These aren’t the Super Bowl Champion Ravens the Jets will be facing on Sunday, they too are wildly inconsistent and devoid of any real offensive weapons outside of Torrey Smith and Ray Rice. It will be interesting to see how Rex decides to play against this Raven’s offense as Joe Flacco has the ability to do what so many Quarterbacks have done against the Jets this year: lob up the deep ball. If the Jets secondary can neutralize Torrey Smith and manage to not get beat like a drum by the likes of Marlon Brown and the 50-year-old Dallas Clark, this could be a road game they end up winning.

However, this whole conversation might be rendered moot if Geno Smith comes out and lays another egg like he did last weekend. The name of the game continues to be ball security for Geno, who has turned the ball over at an alarming rate this season. The Jets need to lean heavily on the run and maybe come out on some sets other than the Shotgun so the offense actually has some ability to execute a Play-Action pass. The Ravens will probably take a page out of the Bills’ playbook and sell out for the run and dare Geno to beat them by throwing the ball and we shall see if he is up for the challenge come 1:00 PM Sunday.