Turn On The Jets Roundtable – How To Beat New England Edition

The TOJ staff debates how the Jets can upset New England this weekend

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How can the New York Jets upset the New England Patriots this weekend?

Joe Caporoso – I’d like to see the New York Jets run the football down New England’s throat until they can stop it. In all three of the Jets wins over New England under Rex Ryan they have run for at least 117 yards, with an average of 124 yards per game. Give Chris Ivory 15-20 carries. Give Bilal Powell 15-20 carries. Keep Tom Brady on the sideline as much as possible and then let Geno Smith take his deep shots off play action after running the ball heavily on New England’s defense. As for slowing down Tom Brady and company, the Jets have always did their best work against Brady when mixing in heavy amounts of zone and dropping extra guys into coverage. They need to keep everything in front of them and force Brady to put together long drives to get points and then hopefully tighten down in the red-zone. The Jets don’t have the personnel to match up in man coverage and send the house after Brady, right now. He will torch them against the blitz. Rex will have to be more conservative than usual but that’s how he beat New England in the 2010 playoffs.

Mike O’Connor – I’m basically going to agree with everybody; the Jets need to hit the ground running, literally. Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory need to get carries early and often so the Jets can dent an already banged up Patriots’ defense. Without Jerod Mayo now, and already without Vince Wilfork, the Jets should be able to successfully get the ground game going without having to get to creative. This should open up the passing game for Geno Smith, too.

On defense, I agree with Joe here. Rex Ryan can’t roll with his chaotic schemes and blitz tactics. He can’t even trust his defenders in pure man coverage like he typically does, because Tom Brady will simply pick apart the defense by finding his favorable match-ups.  nstead, the Jets need to make the most out of their defensive line’s penetration, and it would be smart to rarely send more than five rushers.

Dalbin Osorio – The way the Jets can upset the New England Patriots, and finally beat the Patriots during the second match up of the season for the first time under Rex Ryan, is to give the ball repeatedly to Chris Ivory. I’m talking 25 carries. A 35 to 25 pass to run ratio (what the Jets used in Week 2) won’t get it done on Sunday. Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell ran for 100 yards on 25 carries during the first matchup, with Ivory in particular averaging 4.3 yards a carry and repeatedly getting to the second level of the Patriots defense. With Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork both out, and Tommy Kelly and Aqib Talib both questionable, the New York Jets are faced with a dilemma; do you attack an already susceptible run defense or attack an injured secondary that might be missing their best player? It’s not that hard Marty!

Give the ball to Chris Ivory, repeatedly. Nick Mangold, Willie Colon, and Brian Winters should dominate the Patriots up front, which will create lanes big enough for the Kraken to run through. Once Ivory breaks off 3-4 of these runs, the Hoodie will be forced to bring a safety up into the box, and then you take your chances with the best deep ball thrower in the league statistically and an improving Stephen Hill. You want to put Geno Smith in situations where the down and distance is manageable. The best way to do that? 4 yard runs. Get Geno in 3rd and 2 situations. That allows Geno to make the quick reads he needs to make. You can argue that the Jets lost the game against Pittsburgh the minute Marty came out and got very conservative against the Steelers. The Patriots defense is different than the Steelers, and you therefore need to attack it differently. I agree; you attack it with the Kraken. 25 carries for Chris Ivory, and the Jets are 4-3 by Sunday afternoon.

Frank Giasone – How do you stop Bill Belichick and Tom Brady? That’s a question that Rex Ryan has been asking since he came to New York….And one that he’s struggled to find an answer for over their past six meetings.

If the Jets have any chance of winning this game the defense will need to limit Brady’s ability to put together long drives. While it’s no secret that Brady can be rattled by pressure, consistently creating that pressure is easier said than done. Muhammed Wilkerson & Co. will need to be relentless this week. If they disappear against the pass, this Jets are doomed.

On the offensive side, I’m going to agree with everyone else here. Run, run, and run some more! The Jets need Geno Smith to be as close to flawless as possible, and one way to do that is to eat up the New England defense (which is playing some very good football through six weeks) with heavy doses of Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell. Limiting Geno’s responsibility, while still allowing him to take multiple shots down the field, could give this team the points they so desperately need against this team.

Whatever game plan they come up with, one thing is certain. You don’t get many freebies when you face the Pats, so Rex will need each guy to pull his weight this Sunday at MetLife Stadium. That means minimal penalties and minimal mistakes….And a deafening tone from the crowd wouldn’t hurt. So get LOUD Jets fans!

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports