Turn On The Jets Roundtable – 2nd Quarter Projection Edition

The Turn On The Jets staff gives their projections for how the New York Jets will play over their next 4 games

After going 2-2 through the first quarter of their schedule, what do you project the New York Jets record to be through the second quarter? (at Atlanta, vs. Pittsburgh, vs. New England, at Cincinnati)

Joe Caporoso – The New York Jets effectively treaded water through the first quarter of their schedule. They haven’t had a real head turning win yet, considering they’ve only beat the 0-4 Tampa Bay Ringling Brothers Circus and rookie quarterback EJ Manuel and the Buffalo Bills at MetLife. In their upcoming four games, they are likely to be a heavy underdog three times (Atlanta, New England, Cincinnati) and considering the inconsistencies at quarterback, wide receiver and in the secondary, it is hard to see the Jets winning any of those games. As of now, I think they’ll be able to handle the struggling Steelers at home and will be very competitive in at least two of the other three other games. However, unless they cut back on the turnovers and penalties they will be 3-5 at the season’s halfway mark.

Mike Donnelly – Most people didn’t think the Jets would start 2-2 but that is exactly where they stand at the quarter pole of the season. Looking ahead, the second quarter of the season appears to be more difficult with a road game in Atlanta this week, followed by a home game against Pittsburgh, a home game against New England, and a trip to Cincinnati. Well, I think in four weeks we will be looking back at this stretch and seeing another 2-2 record and thinking that the Jets outperformed expectations and are sitting nicely at 4-4 (which is more wins that many had them down for for the entire season). After a likely blowout loss in Atlanta this week, the Jets are going to bounce back and beat the Steelers at home. They’ll then probably lose to the Pats and everyone will write them off as they head into Cincinnati, where they’ll pull off an upset. There it is. 2-2 over the next 4 games.

TJ Rosenthal –  The Jets will be 4-4 after this month. Geno will settle down, the front seven will keep knocking people out, Jeremy Kerley and Mike Goodson will add some big plays as Bilal Powell becomes one of the NFL’s great surprises. The Jets will beat the Steelers and steal one of the other three games.

Sounds crazy, right? It probably is. We’ve taken too many hits to the head starting with ducking flying debris at Shea to sound sensible here. We see a split since nobody with any sensibility can reasonably expect one…especially with the receivers all banged up.

Shock and awe is what the Jets do when you mock them. The problem is never a tough schedule, but  scenarios like last weekend’s one. Heading into a Titans game at 2-1 with a chance to go 3-1. Only to return to Florham after a senseless beating like the one the bikers gave that guy in his SUV on the West Side highway.

This franchise feeds off of adversity but can’t enjoy prosperity, See ya in November at 4-4. Count on it, and don’t use logic in trying to figure out how it will happen.

Mike Nolan –  The Jets are sitting where many people thought they would be after their first four games at 2-2. Not bad in a rebuilding year, but I really would have liked to see them come out of that stretch at 3-1.

I hate to be a downer, but I think the Jets will go 0-4 through the next 4 games.  I see them losing pretty soundly to the Falcons, even though they haven’t been that great. The Falcons won’t be able to run on them, but if Matt Ryan and the passing game can get going its going to be a long day. Then they have a very winnable game against the Steelers that I think will be a low scoring affair.  Despite an aging group, I’ll still take Dick LeBeau against a rookie quarterback. They will lose to a Patriots team who is starting to click on offense that will probably have Gronk and Amendola back. This one won’t be a short week Thursday night slopfest. And finally, they have another winnable game against the Bengals.  I would actually like the Jets in this game if they were at home.  Playing the Bengals on the road will be an extremely tough test though and think the home team will probably pull it out.

I’m predicting that the Jets go 0-4 through the next 4 games, but that’s probably a good thing based on my record on the TOJ pick’em contest. I can very seriously see them going 2-2, however, as I think the Steelers and Bengals games will be close affairs.

Cole Patterson – Realistically, the way the Jets have played over the first quarter, it is easy to project them going 0-4. However, when looked at game by game, I think the Jets have certain advantages that will keep three of these match-ups close.

I think the Jets will lose in Atlanta, but not in the blowout fashion that many are predicting. The Jets defensive line will dominate a sagging Falcon’s o-line. Coples now has two games under his belt and will be able to take advantage of Atlanta’s poor tackle play. If the Jets utilize Kerley and the tight ends in the slot and the seam, they can make hay against a poor safety and linebacker corps. Yet, I think the fantasy team that is the Falcons O will be too much for the Jets to overcome.

The games against the underperforming Steelers and Bengals will also be close affairs. Two talented defenses will rattle rookie Geno Smith. The turnovers will keep coming. However, the Jets defense will be able to neutralize both AFC North offenses and the Jets will pull out W’s in two low scoring outings.

Finally, the Jets will lose to the Patriots. The Patriots will not be coming off a short week this time around. They will be fielding a healthy Amendola and Gronkowski to supplement a surging tandem of Edleman and Thomkins. The offensive firepower will overwhelm the Jets from the get go and New England will run away with this one.

I predict 2-2 for their second quarter record and neither win will be easy to come by.

Mike O’Connor –  This is a tough one when you consider the multiple different Jets’ teams we’ve seen show up in the first quarter of this season.  We’ve seen the good squad, who can stay with the middle pack in this league, and we’ve seen the inexperienced squad that plays right into the lowly predictions of many experts before the season. To make matters worse, the injury bug hurt the Jets last week severely enough to hinder them significantly for the next two weeks, at least. We’re certainly going to continue to witness the growing pains of a young, unheralded team behind a rookie quarterback, but there’s still enough talent on hand to scrap together some quality performances. Now, let’s take a look at the matchups.

I think the Jets will actually play Atlanta very well. The receiver depth will be bleak with the recent injuries suffered to Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill, but the Falcons are a team who can be challenged vertically regardless with Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford both getting a ton of snaps (both rookies).  Atlanta is very banged up on their defense, as well. If the Jets are planning on sticking with matt Ryan and company the entire game, they’ll have to get their own run game established with Bilal Powell and the returning Mike Goodson, while focusing on protecting the boundaries on defense. I think the Jets will end up winning this one within the last half a minute, thanks to Nick Folk. Atlanta is really not a good team, and the Jets can bury their run game and slow down Tony Gonzalez’s production with Demario Davis.

In the next few games, I think the Jets will beat the Steelers, but fall to both the Patriots and Bengals. Neither of the latter games will be very close. Of course, we’ll get better ideas of how these match-ups will play out after the Jets play Atlanta with many key questions on the line. However, a 4-4 record is definitely a positive sign for a team trusting a rookie quarterback in Geno Smith to hold up behind a disgustingly inconsistent offensive line.

Connor Rogers –  The second quarter of the season looks bleak for the Jets for two reasons: 1) Matchups and 2) Injuries. Injuries are a part of the NFL and aren’t really an excuse, but a rookie quarterback will most likely struggle without his two top receivers and starting running back. Bilal Powell has been excellent but Chris Ivory is most likely a better “3rd and 1” type back, a situation the Jets have been struggling in.

I point out matchups because the Jets are surprisingly a well-defined team this year. They have a superb run defense and front seven, but a very beatable secondary. The Falcons, Patriots, and Bengals can all air it out as good as anyone when they are clicking. The Steelers have been awful this year but Big Ben always seems to make plays against the Jets.

Overall prediction: 1-3.

Dalbin Osorio – I love projections. No, seriously, I do. Nothing better than your fantasy team being projected to win by 65 points and then watching them actually lose by 6 because one player can’t get in the end zone (looking at you Roddy White.) The New York Jets were picked by most to be 0-4 at this point, so 2-2 behind a talented and rejuvenated defense and a talented, if inconsistent, second round rookie QB.

During the second quarter of the season, I predict the Jets to go 3-1, with wins against New England, Cincinatti, and Pittsburgh. Cincinatti has underwhelmed, and the Jets have a chance to rattle Andy Dalton. They get Pittsburgh and New England at home, where they are 2-0 and Geno’s got 3 TDs and 3 INTs (as opposed to 1 TD and 5 INTs on the road). Pittsburgh hasn’t resembled anything close to a contender. The Jets had the Patriots beat up in Foxborough, and I firmly believe they can beat them at home. Therefore, the Jets will be 5-3 at the midway point and poised to make a run in the second half.

Frank Giasone – As was to be expected, it’s been an up and down first quarter of the season for the New York Jets. If you had unrealistic expectations coming into the season, then you’re probably pulling your hair out at the mistakes you’ve seen (primarily on the offensive side of the ball). But if you want to get any enjoyment out of the second quarter of the season, you’ll need to understand that ups and downs will happen with this team…again, especially on the offensive side of the football.

With that being said, the next quarter of the season will show what this team is really capable. I think the best case scenario for the Jets will be another split through four games, leaving Rex Ryan’s club sitting at 4-4 at the halfway mark of the season.

New England is, well, New England. It’s tough to feel completely confident against an unbeaten team with a Jets offense that lacks consistency, and a defense that has had some serious struggles in the secondary. But Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are both very winnable games, and while Atlanta can be put in that category as well, I think the task of stopping Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez and Julio Jones in the dome may be a bit too much for New York.

If the Jets can head into the midpoint sitting at 4-4 or better, we should be very happy as a fan base. Remember, it wasn’t long ago that many were predicting a Four win season. Hitting that mark through eight weeks would be very uplifting, and would give this team a legitimate shot at making a playoff push in the second half.

Dan Marcus – I would like to offer you some type of informed projection based on an intricate statistical analysis but I will simply offer the equivalent to conjecture and hope. This is arguably the roughest stretch of schedule that any team has to endure and to make matters worse, the offense that was already bereft of weapons is down its two best receivers in Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill.

I would hope that the Jets could somehow figure out a way to go 2-2 over the next four, with the wins hopefully coming against the Pats and the Steelers but who knows. Any “projection” or prediction on how the Jets will perform is largely contingent upon how well Geno Smith plays and if he can’t cut down the turnovers, this could turn into a “Death Knell” for the Jets season. Honestly, it’s going to be tough considering the lack of weapons but maybe Mike Goodson can provide some type of dynamism/jolt to a unit that could use it. I think most of it will come down to what OC, Marty Mornhinweg asks his Rookie QB to do. It would probably make more sense to concentrate on establishing the run and controlling the time of possession, which will still allow Mornhniweg to take shots down field off of Play-Action.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports