TOJ Stock Watch – Week 5 Edition

It’s Friday and we’ve all had almost a full week to soak in and analyze that disaster of a game last week in Tennessee. This week our boys in green are traveling down to Atlanta for a primetime game against the Falcons in a game in which they’re double digit underdogs. Yikes. Let’s get to buying and selling and seeing what we can look forward to on Monday night

BUY: Mike Goodson’s Return – I don’t think Goodson will necessarily play a big role in the offense quite yet as he works his way back into football shape, but having him back will be big for this Jets team. Against Atlanta, they’re going to need as many playmakers out there as possible and Goodson certainly has big-play ability. I’d look for him to get a few snaps in 3rd down situations, maybe get a screen pass or two, and most importantly he will return the kick offs. Finally, we might get to see a drive start beyond the 15-yard-line, which is something the immortal Clyde Gates was unable to accomplish.

SELL: Tommy Bohanon – I’m not really selling Bohanon as a player because he is what he is. He’s a decent fullback and can be useful in small doses. The problem is that Marty Mornhinweg has been using him in larger doses than is necessary. Far too often Marty employs that fullback dive play which never seems to work, or is setting up some kind of failed screen pass to him. I understand you have to keep the defense honest and sometimes a well-timed Bohanon play can work, but so far this season I think they’re been using the 7th-round rookie a little too much.

SELL: This Week’s Receivers – Yikes. When I saw that Holmes and Hill were both unlikely to play this week, I had some severe flashbacks to 2012 and Jason Hill and Mardy Gilyard were haunting my dreams. This week’s version of Jason Hill looks like it’s going to be David Nelson, who I actually kind of like as a player. The problem is that he had less than a week to learn the offense and is basically going to be the #3 receiver. This can’t end well.

BUY: Winters is Coming – It looks like the Vlad Ducasse Era is dead and buried. After that New England game, I, like many others thought he was finally starting to “get it”. He flat out dominated Vince Wilfork, and that’s not a misprint. Unfortunately, the former disaster of a 2nd round pick was unable to build on that and reverted back to the terrible player he’s always been.

So now, it’s time for Brian Winters to step in and take over that Left Guard position. Winters probably would have been the starter since week 1 had it not been for injuries suffered in the preseason, but he’s going to get his shot now. Winters will undoubtedly make some mistakes on the field and could struggle early, but the team is very high on him and he’s clearly the future at the position. If we’re going to take our lumps at QB, might as well take them at LG too, right? Yeah, let’s go with that. Anything that takes Vlad out of the equation is good.

BUY: Run Defense – Chris Johnson became the latest victim of the Jets incredible run defense last week, and it’s getting to the point where it’s hard to envision any running backs really breaking out for a big game against them. Damon Harrison has been an absolute revelation at nose tackle, and Sheldon Richardson has been about as good as you could possibly expect a rookie to be. Now that Quinton Coples is back in the mix, the Jets defensive front is an absolute force. Unfortunately…..

SELL: Run Defense vs. Atlanta – … Yeah, unfortunately Atlanta isn’t going to run the ball against the Jets unless they get a lead and try to run some clock. Steven Jackson is out with an injury and this is a pass, pass, pass kind of team right now. Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling scare nobody and the Falcons know it. Both of them, however, are good receivers out of the backfield and each can make it difficult on the Jets defense in that regard.

SELL: Pass Defense – What. The. Hell. How did the Jets pass defense get torn up by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jake Locker last week? Unfortunately, it looks like Antonio Cromartie is playing at well less than 100% since his hip injury and is far from the lockdown corner right now that he was a year ago. Dee Milliner is hurt and appears to be in Rex Ryan’s doghouse. Kyle Wilson is Kyle Wilson, and Darrin Walls was very disappointing in his first start of the season. I still have hope for Walls and will chalk that up to first game jitters. The problem is that it won’t be any easier for him this week as he goes up against Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez. I’m not confident in the secondary’s ability to keep up with these guys, unfortunately.

SELL: Jets Win – Unfortunately, I just don’t see the Jets being able to win this game in Atlanta. I have long thought Matt Ryan is very overrated and it’s very possible the Jets defensive front will get in his face and rattle him, but I don’t think it will be enough to make up for the advantage they have in the passing game. On the other side of the ball, while the Falcons defense is terrible, I just don’t think Geno Smith is going to be able to beat them with this ragtag group of wide receivers in a hostile environment. The Falcons are desperate at 1-3 and this is a bit of a buzzsaw game for the Jets. They’ll keep it close for a while, but I think eventually the Falcons will pull it out, 27-17.