TOJ- New York Jets Running Back Grade Sheet- Week 7

Grading Scale

I grade each play on a 1 to 5 scale. Loss of yardage is rated a 0, no gain is rated a 1, a gain of 1-3 yards is rated a 2, gains of 4-6 are rated a 3, gains of 7-9 yards or are rated a 4, and gains of 10+ yards are rated a 5. TDs increase your overall grade by 10 points, and fumbles decrease your score by -5. I do it like this to factor in receptions, reward positive plays accordingly, and penalize negative plays accordingly. The total from the grades of each individual play are then converted to letter grades, with As representing (50 or higher), Bs (39-49), Cs (29-39), Ds (19-29), and Fs (0-18) being given out for total performance). Performance of the offensive line and available running space is also factored in.


Running Backs: Bilal Powell, Tommy Bohanon, Chris Ivory
Total Carries: 43
Rushing Yards: 131
Yards Per Carry: 3.0
Total Touches: 44
Total Yards: 130
Yards Per Touch: 2.9
Touchdowns: 0

1. Bilal Powell, F

Best Play: 1st and 10 at NE 25, Bilal Powell lined up in a single back formation with the Jets in a single back-3 WR look. Powell took a handoff and, behind a good block by Austin Howard and a good clear out by Willie Colon, he’s able to run right tackle to NE 21 for 4 yards before Spikes and Vellano tackled Bilal.

Worst Play: 1st and 10 at NYJ 45, Bilal lines up in the shotgun to the left of Geno Smith. D’Brickashaw Ferguson, in what would become a trend during this game that I’m sure will be touched upon in the TOJ Big Man Report, was pushed back by Chandler Jones. Powell tried to run left tackle, but the Patriots defensive end was able to stop Powell for no gain.

Analysis: Powell followed up his subpar game against Pittsburgh with another subpar game here against New England. That is three straight subpar games for a guy that was in the midst of a breakout year after the first quarter of the season. Bilal has started to seemingly wear down and (like I said during last week’s grade sheet) it’s apparent that all the carries he received in the pre-season and through the first month are affecting him now. The 3 carries this week, plus the bye in two weeks, will hopefully allow him to be fresh for the stretch run because the Jets are going to need him.

2. Chris Ivory, A

Best Play: 1st and 10 at NE 38, the Kraken Chris Ivory takes a handoff out of the i-formation and runs off right tackle to the NE 21 for 17 yards. This run was keyed by a very good seal block by Austin Howard, which allowed Ivory to hit the hole hard and reach the second level of the Patriots defense before Gregory and McCourty brought him down.

Worst Play: 2nd and 10 at NE 15, the Jets bring out their Power-I formation with Tommy Bohanon lined up as the lead blocker. Chris Ivory took a carry up the middle to NE 12 for 3 yards before Brandon Spikes tackled the Kraken.

Analysis: The C in Run BMC got more carries on Sunday than he did all season. Finally healthy, Chris Ivory represents the New York Jets’ best option at running back. A violent runner, Ivory does have a penchant for getting hurt but he seems to be actually healthy and all of his skills were on display this week. The Jets ran Ivory out of the i-formation, the shotgun formation, single back formations, and he wasn’t removed during passing downs. He dropped a pass from Geno Smith and was stopped for a negative two yard loss on a reception. You can see that Marty, whether it was an edict from Rex or his decision altogether, trusts Ivory more now and that there was a concerted effort to get the big man going. Ivory’s yards per carry was low, but what he did do was beat up the Patriots front 7. I know Wilfork and Mayo were out, but Ivory was doing this in the Week 2 matchup before Marty went away from him. Ivory demonstrated a lot of power and speed against the Patriots and this might be the game that we look back on as the game that kickstarts Chris Ivory’s season.

3. Tommy Bohanon, C

Best Play:1st and 10 at NYJ 20, T-Bo lines up in the shotgun next to Geno Smith, and receives a carry. Bohanon took the handoff up the middle to the NYJ 24 for 4 yards before Chris Jones and Donte Hightower tackled the New York Jets fullback.
Worst Play: 1st and 10 at NE 10, again lined up in the shotgun with Geno Smith, Bohanon this time tries to follow a block by rookie Brian Winters. Bohanon gets to the NE 8 for 2 yards (Chandler Jones and Devin McCourty wrapped up the rookie.

Analysis: Bohanon rceived 6 carries this game, as opposed to zero carries the last two weeks. I do believe that Bohanon was used to spell Chris Ivory, and to spare the Jets having to use Bilal Powell. Bohanon did a good job picking up 2-4 carries every time he touched the ball and as a lead blocker for Chris Ivory. Bohanon wasn’t used much as a receiving option either. Over the last three games, his role has changed; during the first 3-4 games, Bohanon was a checkdown option for Geno and received more carries than I thought he would’ve received. Over Weeks 4-6, Bohanon was still used as somewhat of a pass catching option, but more as a lead blocker with minimal running opportunities. I expect his role to change again as he’s used to spell Chris Ivory going forward.

Team Grade: B
The New York Jets, as a team, hit the Patriots in the mouth with Chris Ivory repeatedly. The result? A 30-27 win that puts the Jets one win back of the Chargers for the last wild card spot in the AFC and 1 game back of the Patriots for the AFC East title. Chris Ivory ran the ball angrily, and with purpose all day. The difference between all three members of Run BMC is that they are three very different runners. Goodson is all speed with a hint of power, Powell is equal parts power and speed, and Ivory is all power with a hint of speed. With Goodson out for the year, Bilal will have to fill the role that Goodson filled as a 3rd down back and pass catching option. Powell was flanked in motion to the outside, leaving Geno in an empty backfield formation twice which tells us that Marty will not hesitate to use Bilal in a similar vein to how he would’ve used Mike Goodson. The reason the Jets as a team get a B is because 2.9 yards per touch is atrocious and that may be where they miss Mike Goodson the most. They have minimal explosion in the backfield. Ivory has speed, but he’s much more of a bruiser. Powell doesn’t provide explosion either in the same vein that Mike Goodson does, but this is what the Jets have to work with going forward barring a transaction. Until next time Jets fans.

Author: Dalbin Osorio

Dalbin Osorio is a Case Planner for Graham-Windham, New York's oldest child welfare agency. He is, also, a student at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Dalbin graduated from Monroe College with a degree in Business Administration. A 3 sport utility man in high school (think a mix of Jerome WIlliams, Brad Smith, and Jayson Nix), he joined TOJ in 2013.