New York Jets vs. New England Patriots – Halftime Report

The New England Patriots have brought a healthy Rob Gronkowski and a banged up defense to Metlife Stadium this week to face the Jets. Fortunately for the Patriots, their rock solid offensive performance is hiding a defense filled with back up players. On the other end, Geno Smith and the Jets have played well enough to hang around besides a brutal pick six in the first quarter. Let’s take a look at the first half highlights.


Geno Being Geno:

Geno Smith slung the ball well in the first half, hitting Jeremy Kerley all over the field and in the end zone. It would have been an excellent performance but he threw a “gimme” pick six to back up corner Logan Ryan, who was blanketing David Nelson. Geno occasionally stares down wide receivers and it cost him early in this game.

Where’s the pressure?:

Antwan Barnes season ending knee injury was highly understated a few weeks back, as his presence has been severely missed. Tom Brady has had all day to throw as the Patriots have wisely double teamed Muhammad Wilkerson. With zero pressure coming from the outside, Brady has not been forced to step up into Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson.

Gronk’s return:

Rob Gronkowski hasn’t exactly lit up the stat sheet, but his presence has been felt. He’s running seams, taking the Jets safeties completely out of plays. Gronkowski is a lethal threat and is drawing attention, leaving the Patriots motley crew of wide receivers wide open on out routes and underneath the middle.