Turn On The Jets Roundtable – Jets vs. Patriots, Round 1 Edition

The Turn On The Jets roundtable discusses the New York Jets chances against the New England Patriots

What do you think the New York Jets chances are to pull off an upset in New England on Thursday night? 

Joe Caporoso –  Check the 12 Pack. 

Mike Donnelly – Check The Stock Watch

Mike Nolan – I think the Jets have a great chance to upset New England in front of a national audience on Thursday night. If they can limit drive killing mistakes on offense and create a couple on defense, this game should come down to the wire. I don’t see the Patriots being able to run the ball against this front seven.  hey will still be able to throw the ball with Brady back there, but with most of his top targets out the Jets’ secondary just needs to keep guys like Julian Edelman and Kenbrell Thompkins in check and generate pressure on Brady until he makes a mistake. I have a feeling the Jets will carry over the emotional high of the Tampa game and play with a ton of energy and win another tight football game.

Cole Patterson – When the schedule was first released I would have called the Jets’ chances to upset the Patriots on a short week slim to none. After the draft and free agency their chances slightly improved but unknowns at the quarterback position kept expectations minimal. After numerous developments this week however, things have changed.

The Patriots look to be without their #1 and #2 tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Zach Sudfeld, #1 wide out Danny Amendola, and versatile running back Shane Vereen. On the other side of the field, the Jets defense played phenomenally in week one against a stout running game and kept Josh Freeman uncomfortable from the get go.

The matchup between the Jets defense and Patriots offense, considering the injuries and week one performances, looks to favor New York. However, the result of this game may very well rely on how productive the Jets offense can be against an underrated Patriots defense. The offense is still an unknown and will depend on the play of Geno Smith and improvement of the offensive line. If the defense plays how we expect them too and the offense continues its upward trend, a Jets win won’t come as much of a surprise to this writer.

Mike O’Connor –  A few hours after the Jets’ win on Sunday, once the Honeymoon phase of a wild win passed over, I would have thought hard and said that there’s no way the Jets roll into Foxboro and beat the Patriots. Yet just a day later, my thinking took a spin for the better. We’re looking at a Patriots team that will be without Shane Vereen, and is almost certain to also be without Rob Gronkowski, Zach Sudfeld, and Danny Amendola. Now granted, I fell back to Earth with the news of Jeremy Kerley’s concussion that will hold him out for Thursday, but the Jets are still entering this weeknight game better off than they were Sunday night.

The argument that Tom Brady could connect and succeed swimmingly with anybody out there playing receiver is an argument I’ve sadly always agreed with, but only to a certain extent.  If Brady had limited weapons, I still wouldn’t doubt him. However, entering Thursday night, Brady will have the weakest corps of receivers that he’s ever been burdened with. The team doesn’t have a receiving tight end on the roster that’s healthy enough to play, and the receivers will consist of a dirt poor man’s Wes Welker in Julian Edelman, and three rookies who have yet to prove they can quickly adjust to NFL speed. Overall, the Jets took a huge hit when they realized they’d be without Kerley to open up the middle of the field, but they still have a lot of favorable matchups. Chances of beating New England that I would have deemed below 15% two days ago are now riding at about 40%, in my opinion. Jet fans shouldn’t go into Thursday expecting a win by any measures, but there’s certainly reason for hope.

Connor Rogers – Playing in Foxboro is never an easy task, especially on a short week with a rookie quarterback at the helm. While the Jets certainly have a lot against them, the Patriots recent injury report has given Gang Green some hope. The defense was impressive against Tampa Bay, causing pressure from the interior and off the edge. It’s pretty simple when the Jets play the Patriots: Protect our quarterback and make Tom Brady uncomfortable. If the Jets succeed at both of these aspects of the game, the final score will be 24-21 JETS.

Dalbin Osorio – On a percentage scale, I give the New York Jets a 65% chance to pull off the upset on Thursday. It would be higher, if it wasn’t for that Tom Brady fellow under center (he’s pretty good). I think the Jets are catching the Patriots at a very opportune time. Both Shane Vereen (their leading rusher) and Danny Amendola (their leading receiver) could be out for this Thursday’s primetime matchup. Brady was 5-19 with an interception when targeting anyone other than Vereen or Amendola. Darrin Walls or Isaiah Trufant should do a good job covering Julian Edelman in the slot, and Antonio Cromartie will handle Kenbrell Thompkins on the outside.

The Bills put pressure on Brady during Week 1, and the Jets front four is better than Buffalo’s. The battle in the trenches favors the Jets. The Patriots were 0-4 last year during the regular season when they ran for less than 100 yards, and I think they won’t run for 100 against the Jets defense on Thursday. The Jets also have the advantage when it comes to their secondary against the Patriots wide receivers. And, before I hear that Bill and Brady will never lose to a rookie in his second start, I do remember that a guy with less raw talent than Geno Smith (Moscato Mark) beat Brady and the Pats in his second start. My concern, though, is that Tom Brady will put together a vintage Tom Brady performance and then taunt the Jets bench after throwing his 8th TD. With that said, I think The Jets have a very good chance to “steal” one this Thursday and send the rest of the NFL into a tailspin as the “worst team in the NFL” opens the season 2-0.

Dan Marcus – I wasn’t completely sure what to offer by way of predictions because I don’t fancy myself as much of a prognosticator when it comes to Jets game because of superstition. In terms of what I see happening, first: a lot of intricate Rex-eqsue blitz packages and hopefully a lot of shots of Brady on his keister or better, crumpled up in a heap on the ground. In terms of more personal predictions, there is a high probability of screaming and throwing things, with a chance of celebration and unabashed chest bumps.

In all seriousness this seems to be the most vulnerable/ “beat-able” the Pats have been in a while with a number of their key offensive weapons hurt and not expected to play. The stars may in fact be aligning for the Jets to shock the football world. That said, playing in Foxboro is always rough and as we know that home-field advantage stretches way beyond just the crowd (wink to the camera). However, historically speaking anytime the Pats have looked vulnerable, the Jets have had a let-down, the biggest example I would point to is Matt Cassell’s first start since high school in the Favre year. This game will almost certainly hinge on a few turnovers and if the Jets offense can get the running game going, then I like their chances.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports