91-Day New York Jets Warning – Less Terry Bradway Influence?

Counting down the days until the Jets season starts with reasons to be excited for 2013…less Terry Bradway influence?

Here at Turn On The Jets, we decided to take a page out of Robert Mays book over at Grantland (a polite way of saying rip his article idea off) by counting down the 115 days until the New York Jets kick off, with a daily reason to get excited about their return. Mays has the whole NFL to work with, we only have the Goddamn Jets…now there is a challenge, step your game up Mays!

We continue today with a look at hopefully less influence from Terry Bradway (Note, you can track this entire series right here)

Terry Bradway was the New York Jets General Manager from 2001 up until Mike Tannenbaum took his job at the beginning of the 2006 season. Like any General Manager, Bradway had his share of hits and misses. Yet, the misses towards the end of this tenure began to emphatically pile up. It remains complexing that Bradway is still employed the team, considering he was demoted under Mike Tannenbaum. He has still hung on to his job as a Senior Personnel Executive with new GM John Idzik in place. However, today the Jets announced the hiring of Rod Graves as the Senior Director of Football Administration and promoted Matt Bazirgan as the Assistant Director of Pro Personnel. These moves, along with the replacing of four area scouts should further diminish Bradway’s influence within the Jets organization…which is a good thing.

Let’s give Bradway credit, he nailed the 2001 NFL Draft, taking Santana Moss, LaMont Jordan, and Kareem McKenzie with his first three picks and even found a late round contributor in James Reed. Things started fall off from there…

2002 – Bryan Thomas over Ed Reed in round 1. Jon McGraw in round 2. He did have a decent pick with Chris Baker in round 3.

– 2003 – Trading up for Dewayne Robertson in round, yikes. Victor Hobson in round 2, meh. BJ Askew in round 3? Yikes.

– 2004 – A bounce-back year for Bradway, as he landed Jonathan Vilma in round 1, Jerricho Cotchery in round 4 and Erik Coleman in round 5. BUT a 2nd round pick for Justin McCariens?

– 2005 – The back-breaker. Mike Nugent in round 2. Moving out of the first round for DOUG JOLLEY.  He somewhat redeemed himself with Kerry Rhodes in the 4th round but ultimately losing a 1st and two second round picks in the span of two years for Mike Nugent, Doug Jolley and Justin McCariens is inexcusable.

Bradway also deserves heat for the salary cap predicament he left the Jets in after the 2005 season. The team was successful in 2001, 2002 and 2004 but that was mostly on the backs of players acquired before he became GM – Curtis Martin. Chad Pennington. Kevin Mawae. Wayne Chrebet. Shaun Ellis. John Abraham. Jason Ferguson. Jason Fabini and a few others. Mike Tannenbaum basically gutted Bradway’s roster when rebuilding the Jets.

So why is Bradway still around? Incriminating photo of Woody Johnson?

Bradway supporters will frequently point to a report that he desperately wanted to draft Russell Wilson last season. This story sounds like PR puff leaked by the Jets to me or Mike Pettine just trying to make Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan (their relationship was frayed badly last year as Pettine was suspected of leaking information to the local press) look bad. You don’t get credit unless the trigger is pulled on the selection, sorry Terry.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS STORY PITCH OF THE DAY – 750 words on who is carpooling with who to drive up to Cortland for training camp. An anonymous source has informed Manish Mehta that Mark Sanchez told Santonio Holmes he COULD ride with him but that he’d have to let Konrad Reuland have shotgun for at least half the ride. Mehta’s source continued “it just doesn’t seem right that Mark thinks he can decide who sits where in his car. This guy still acts like an entitled brat, even after last season. I bet Tebow would have let ‘Tone DRIVE!” Gary Myers plans a follow up tomorrow on how Rex Ryan’s “Animal House” culture has led to such carpooling mishaps.

RANDOM JET OF THE DAY – DERRICK BLAYLOCK! – 1 season for the Jets, 25 carries…44 yards! That is a 1.8 yard per carry average. To be fair, he also had 5 catches…for 9 yards.

New England Patriots v New York Jets

Author: Joe Caporoso

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