New York Jets UDFA Profile – Chris Pantale TE

Connor Rogers with a breakdown of New York Jets UDFA Chris Pantale, a TE from Boston College

Connor Rogers continues our series of breaking down the New York Jets undrafted free agents, with a look at Chris Pantale from Boston College. Make sure to give Connor a follow on Twitter and to check back tomorrow for our next installment from Dalbin Osorio

Name: Chris Pantale

College: Boston College

Size: 6-5 / 254

Position: Tight End

Speed: 4.99 (40 yard dash)

College Career: Pantale played in a system at Boston College that relied more heavily on the tight end to block, rather than pose a threat in the passing attack. Pantale’s measurable’s are ideal for an NFL tight end, standing at six feet, five inches and weighing an athletic but solid 254 pounds. Pantale never caught more than three touchdown’s in a season at Boston College but missed eight games his senior year due to a broken foot.

Highlight #1: The tape on Pantale is very limited, but if you skip to around the 7:52 mark, you can see what he can do after the catch. Much like the prototypical tight end in today’s NFL (Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham) Pantale is load to bring down. If left open in the middle of the field, he can make some noise with a full head of steam.

Overall Scouting Report: Pantale, much like all prospects who suffer an injury during their senior year, is a project. He has the skills and build to be an every down blocking tight end, but hasn’t put it all together as a receiving threat. What remains to be seen is if Pantale has the in-game speed to beat linebackers in coverage, a tough but vital task in the pro’s.

Where He Fits: The Jets have arguably the worst tight end corps in the entire NFL, making them a dream destination for UDFA’s. Pantale contain’s no stand out skill to separate him from the pack of Jeff Cumberland, Konrad Reuland, Hayden Smith, and fellow UDFA Mike Shanahan. His best shot at making the roster or practice squad is if he displays solid blocking skills and good hands in training camp.