Turn On The Jets Week 5 Fantasy Football Preview

Mike Donnelly with his weekly fantasy football preview. Who should you bench and start?

This has been a rough NFL week for me. The Jets debacle speaks for itself. But almost as importantly, I lost in all three of my fantasy leagues this week due to stink bomb performances from a combination of Dennis Pitta, Percy Harvin, Darren McFadden, and Mikel Leshoure. All of these things added up put me in quite a foul football mood. In honor of that I’m going to list all the players I dislike for this week. It’s all negativity, all the time this week!

QB- Ben Roethlisberger vs. Phi – Yes, the Iggles are coming off a big win and are set up for a letdown performance, while Big Ben is coming off a bye. I don’t think it matters, because the Steelers are likely getting Rashard Mendenhall back and are going to look to establish some semblance of a running game, starting this week.

Prognosis: Borderline start in 12-team leagues.

QB- Michael Vick @ Pitt – I wasn’t kidding when I said I think the Eagles are primed for a letdown game this week against a rested Steelers defense. Could be a rough one for the Dog Murderer.

Prognosis: Wouldn’t start in a 12-team league.

QB- Kevin Kolb @ StL – I certainly hope you aren’t relying on Kevin Kolb, but if your starting QB is on a bye this week and you’re weak at backup, I could see the thought process. Unfortunately, these Thursday games have not gone too well for offenses, especially road teams, except for Eli throttling Carolina of course. This isn’t quite breaking news, but Kolb is no Eli, and St. Louis has a tough defense.

Prognosis: Would rather take a shot on Tannehill or Matt Hasselbeck.

RB- Alfred Morris vs. Atl – I’ve seen him ranked as an RB1 this week, and I just don’t see it. This game very well could turn into a shootout, and the running opportunities just may not be there for Alf this week.

Prognosis: Low-level RB2 this week.

RB- Stevan Ridley vs. Den – As a Ridley owner in all my league, this one pains me. Brady vs. Peyton could easily turn into a shootout, and when the Pats go to their no huddle, up-temp attack, they like to get Danny Woodhead in there, so unless Ridley gets a TD, the yardage total may leave you disappointed.

Prognosis: Slightly behind Alfred Morris.

RB- Ryan Williams @StL – Another Thursday Nighter. Everyone is pumped he’s going to be getting all the carries in Arizona now that Beanie Wells is hurt, but the fact is Arizona just stinks at running the ball for whatever reason (TERRIBLE O-LINE. That’s the reason). I see him as worth a shot as a flex play, but not the RB2 slam dunk most have him as.

Prognosis: RB3 or Flex option.

RB- Benjarvus Green-Ellis vs. Mia – Miami has a very stout run defense, and as I’ve said all season, BJGE just isn’t that good of a player.

Prognosis: Low-level RB3 or Flex.

RB- Shonn Greene vs. Hou – Sigh.

Prognosis: Again.. Sigh..

WR- Demaryius Thomas @ NE – In general, I love Demaryius this year. But this week against Belichick and the Patriots, I can see him being swarmed and Peyton Manning relying on the underneath stuff to Decker and Tamme all day. Obviously he’s worth starting, just keep the expectations in check.

Prognosis: More of a WR2 than an elite option.

WR- Brandon Lloyd vs. Den – Mr. Lloyd, meet Champ. Keep expectations in check, even though I would never recommend benching Tom Brady’s #1 wide receiver.

Prognosis: Low-level WR2 option.

WR- Pierre Garcon vs. Atl – Apparently Garcon isn’t going to be healthy for a few more weeks still, so even with him playing he may not get the amount of snaps necessary to make a big impact. And sadly, I don’t think we can rely on fumble recovery touchdowns every week.

Prognosis: WR3 or Flex option.

WR- Mike Wallace vs. Phi – Nnamdi Asomugha and the Eagles defense are fully aware of where Mike Wallace will be at all times. I wouldn’t expect a monster performance at all this week, especially since I think the Steelers will go out of their way to establish a run game.

Prognosis: Low-level WR2 or Flex option.

WR- James Jones @ Ind – Here is some friendly advice you should never forget: Do. Not. Trust. James. Jones. Ever. Every time he makes you think it’s safe to start him, he throws up a stat line along the lines of 2 catches/13 yards/1 fumble lost.

Prognosis: Never trust James Jones.

TE- Vernon Davis vs. Buff – The 49ers are going to run the BIlls over — literally. They’re going to run left, run up the middle, and run right. Then they’re going to do it again. And again. Davis will have his chances, but I don’t see him having a monster game.

Prognosis: Low-level TE1, not top 5.

TE- Greg Olsen vs. Sea – Seattle has a tough defense, and you better believe Olsen is going to be keyed on all day. This could be the week Carolina wakes up their sleeping run game as well.

Prognosis: TE2 option, or low-level Flex.