New York Giants Fans Speak Out On The Jets

New York Giants fans give TOJ their thoughts on the Jets, followed by my rebuttal

We enjoy stirring the pot on Jets/Giants trash talk here at TOJ, so in that spirit we decided to open the forum to a handful of New York Giants fans to speak on the Jets. I asked the following individuals what they hate the most about the Jets and what they respect the most about them, after their answers I will answer the same question about the Giants

Feel free to harass these people via social media, by the way…

Jay Kranjac: Honestly I can’t stand Rex Ryan. I used to have no problem with the Jets and would root for them when the Giants were done. However his outspoken comments and his attitude in general seem to have given his players and many fans of the team an undeserved sense of accomplishment.

I would say I respect LT. The guy realizes he isn’t a top caliber running back but still has accepted his role on the team. Plus you got to love Brunell, quality 90s quarterback.

Erik Stiansen (who really, really, hates the Jets and had to watch them win wild-card weekend the past two years with me gloating the whole time): 1, Rex Ryan: thinks he’s a genius & tries to come off as a tough guy. He’s a moron. Plain & simple. What’s with that stupid sweater vest every week? Is he a bloated Jim Tressel? He should just stick to the Andy Reid snow suit with the utility belt look. And someone let him know the Jets don’t have black in their colors. 2. The fans: impossible to have a legitimate football conversation with one. Most of them are fake fans anyway. Ask most who Glen Foley is and you get no response. And come on with wearing the outdated jerseys (Favre, Vilma, Abraham) 3. Fireman Ed: was a Dolphin fan. He’s your “super fan”? Pathetic. 4. Holmes: he’s a punk. Good choice for a team captain. 5. The Jet Celebration: not much to say except annoying 6. Woody Johnson: you’re not a Mara or Rooney or even a Jerry Jones. sorry 7. The entire franchise: for the sense of entitlement & fake aura of an “elite franchise”

Things I respect about the Jets: 1. They make their fans suffer. 2. Nothing else

Scott Volpe: WOW what I hate about the Jets, I hate the fans, they are all fake and honestly have no idea who even current players ares, most of them didn’t even know Jerricho Cotchery was gone! (I can ramble all day about the fans), but I’ll say there are legit realistic fans, like yourself Mr. Joe. I also hate Joe Namath he was a “terrible quarterback” and also sounds like a lunatic drunk on the radio. Rex Ryan is just a fat (expletive), who runs his fat mouth and his antics are old. Fireman Ed is a (expletive)…cool eye black you (expletive). The stupid TD celebration is obnoxious. Santonio Holmes is an overrated (expletive). They think they run New York even know they brought nothing to the area except disappointment. The outdated player jerseys are annoying too.

The thing I do respect about the Jets is their 1998 season, and Keyshawn Johnson Wayne Cherbet, Curtis Martin and the Monday night Miracle.

Andrew Fetterman: 1) I think your coach is great but his predictions and comments I feel are unprofessional / classless when discussing Jets Giants. I hate his SB predictions. Since Rex had been in town I feel like most JETS fans act as if they’re the best team in the league and act as if going to conference championships are equivalent of winning the SB. Just shut up and play the game and when you accomplish something show some class. I also hate Joe Beaf (Ringwood, Jets fan) and Fireman Ed not sure who I hate more.

2) I respect that you have cheerleaders at your home games. Honestly makes me jealous. I respect the energy at a Jets game I think if Giants fans supported their team like Jets fans we would be a much better football team. I also respect the never giving up attitude that they’ve shown since Rex has been in town.

Ron Diaz: I’m gonna start off by saying I am a Yankees fan who doesn’t hate the Mets cause were in separate leagues and barely play etc. But as a Giants fan I’m forced to hate the jets due to what I’m guessing is just straight jealousy and bitterness from Jets fans who have watched the Gmen win 3 Superbowls in the past 25 years. So it is safe to say I hate the Jets solely because of the fans… And Mark Sanchez. I respect the hell out of Revis cause the guy is the real deal and will probably br one of the best if not the best Jet behind Namath to ever play the game. Gonna be a sick Christmas eve. Bleed blue.

Dan Deighan: I hate Rex Ryan and simply the fact that the Jets talk too much. However, I do respect their ability on the field. There’s no denying they’re a good team, just act like you’ve been there before.

James Corbett: I hate that the Jets aren’t smart about their public image and they have a lack of leadership (example Santonio Holmes), however I do respect their coach and the success he has brought them.

Sean Santagato: I hate the fans that are so up and down, and obviously Rex Ryan. Yet, in a way I do respect Ryan because he is a good coach, it is just that his mouth takes away from what he has accomplished.

Thank you Giants fans.

Let me say, what I hate the most about the Giants is their fans who look down on the Jets and in particular their fans. For every “fake” Jets fan who doesn’t know all the players on the team or wears outdated jerseys, there are two Giants fans who do the same thing. Giants fans get up and down, just like Jets fans if not even worse. Consider how they are ready to run Tom Coughlin out of town, even though he won a championship in 2007. Giants fans claim to hate Rex Ryan and the Jets trash talking ways, but love it when their players start running their mouths and if Ryan was their head coach, they’d love him. Basically, what I am saying is that Giants and Jets fans act the same way most of the time, so for Giants fans to act high and mighty and like a “classier,” more knowledge brand of fan is ridiculous.

I respect Eli Manning because he is a very good quarterback who won an incredible Super Bowl. You can never take that away from him. Jason Pierre-Paul is also one of the best defensive players in the NFL this season.

All that being said, let’s let some vicious trash talk transpire the next couple of days. Don’t let it get physical and don’t let it get personal.

Go Jets.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports