Tears Of Joy: Football Is Back (Pre-Season That Is)

It took a few minutes to set in. It was real. It was Monday Night Football, on Thursday….you could hear men breaking down, praising Jesus by the light of the moon.

The battle of the West Coast, the Beach Boys of the South vs The Fisherman of the North, What entails below is a series of brief thoughts, notes, ramblings, and musings on last night’s Seahawks vs. Chargers preseason game.

Philip Rivers is a machine. He will find receivers you’ve never heard of for long periods of time, and then hit Vincent Jackson for 40 yards while slinging it in that horrible to watch, high school throwing motion. It is hideous, but puts up numbers, like watching a Jonas Brothers concert in 3D.

The Seahawks offensive line will come to be one of the top 10 in the league. They will make the Raiders look like a cheap joke. Many people did not understand what Pete Carroll was trying to do in his last two drafts, (except he was very excited) and yet, Russell Okung goes down in the first half. If healthy, this offensive line is half rookies (1st and 3rd round) and half former first round picks (Gallery/Okung). With Tom Cable as the offensive line coach, I have faith this team will be able to run power sets and and play action with great success.

Tarvaris Jackson looks like things have not improved greatly since his days in Minnesota. Call it nerves, call it high expectations, but he never seemed comfortable at all. Give him a preseason under his belt and he will understand that his run game is going to shoulder the load.

Big corners. Big receivers. Pete Carroll is trying to make a mix of Alabama and Wisconsin. There will be no greatest show on turf in Seattle. Keep the opposing quarterback on the bench. Anyone can be beat. Except the Falcons.

Jordan Todman. Attack of the microbacks. Mike Tolbert, Ryan Matthews, San Diego likes small backs and giant receivers. To make up for the loss of Darren Sproles, the backs will need to be checkdown ready. Did anyone notice how stout Mike Tolbert is? He’s going to be a big part of the offense this year, because despite Ryan Matthews first round pick status, he will come to be a wash. Book it. Fresno State is not the gold standard of running backs.

What do the Seahawks have going forward? Two pro bowl running backs, and a pro bowl tight end. three first round DB’s. They will win 8 games, and probably make the playoffs.

Chargers? Best tight end in the league. Two first round D lineman. Takeo Spikes on his last legs. Bob Sanders trying to prove a point.

It was a better game than I expected. On to Friday Night.