Letting Go Of The Rope: Free Agents and Loose Morals

The latest episode of “Cincinatti Thrift” just ended, and Jonathan Joseph, 2006 first round pick of the Bengals, is a Texan. I am no longer shocked at how poorly run the Bengals are, I just grin and laugh with every failed attempt to keep talent, like when I watch Millionaire Matchmaker.

The Eagles seem to be heading towards the great divide of distraction and celebrity with the signing of Vince Young as a backup QB to Michael Vick, and the best second best corner in football. I repeat, the second best corner in football. Andy Reid seems to be running the hotel of broken egos and other people’s dreams.

While the period of free agency has yet to end, the past few days have signaled a shift in divisions like the NFC East and the AFC South. Before getting into the insanity of Pete Carroll and Chan Gailey, let’s take a quick peek at the Jets recent moves.

The real achievement was the resigning of Santonio Holmes, who will soon become a Pro Bowl receiver in one to two years time. Having Holmes takes pressure off their number two receiver, which will most likely be Plaxico Burress. What does this do for Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller? Single coverage.

Just this morning I was in the company of a good friend of mine who happens to be a Giants fan, when I received word that Plaxico Burress joined the Jets, and in his quotes, happened to cryptically bash Tom Coughlin while gushing about Rex Ryan. To break the news about his favorite ex-convict joining Rex & the boys made me want to scream with joy. The Jets now have one of the top ten passing tandems in the league. Two years out of the league, one preseason, they’ll both be ready to go.

On a whim, I decided to watch the 2002 through 2005 seasons in review, where I saw Mike Westhoff continually looking like a genius, regardless of who returned kickoffs and punts. Brad Smith is the ideal Mike Westhoff student. Fast, long, and versatile.

Recently, in a state of complete intoxication, Chan Gailey dreamed of Brad Smith as a starting quarterback. I think it’s going to be interesting after Brad Smith throws 3 interceptions in one game. Too far away from his role as a QB in college to start if he had to. People will get wise to the option very quick. See Auburn vs Oregon last year.

Will we miss Drew Coleman? Yes, but not as much now that we got Cromartie back. Let’s see what Donald Strickland can do on the field as my nickel corner and let Kyle Wilson go for blitzes and bump and run.

Cromartie may be under the assumption that he is good enough to be a number one corner. He isn’t. But damn if he isn’t the best number two in the league. Better than Asante Samuel in terms of complete skills. Samuel can play zone exceptionally well, but little else. Cromartie does everything well. Except tackle.

Who else should come back? Shaun Ellis and Trevor Pryce. The Jets need people to rotate in with their two new draft picks. If the Jets decide to get even more exotic in their blitz schemes, it will require between 2 and 4 down lineman on any given play. Look to Kyle Wilson to be used more in conjunction with Marquice Cole on blitz packages, and the linebacking core to attempt to get one more veteran before free agency is done.

Things may change. We have seen grand gestures and grand failures, the excitement of which has been enough to cause people to stop thinking clearly.