It’s Like Christmas Came Thrice…1st Round Of The NFL Draft

I would like to give extend my condolences to fans of the Saints, the Buccaneers and the Panthers. You will all be sorely missed. The Falcons traded up to get Julio Jones. Which means, you will have Julio Jones and Roddy White catching balls from Matt Ryan. AKA…prepare for 5,000 yards Mr Ryan. And Michael Turner at running back? Damn. Good luck contending with that Cam. I can now guarantee at least 2 losses by the Panthers this year, and probably one to the Buccaneers. The Saints will eek one out…but maybe not.

Rob Ryan is clearly taking a backseat to Romo’s shoulder. No corner in the first round? Weak. But now Tony has no excuses. Look for defense to dominate in ensuing rounds, they need it. Hell, this guy put a beat down on Tom Brady, with the BROWNS.

Why the hell is Washington not taking Nick Fairley? Laughter from Eagles fans ensues, Redskin fans hang the long rope.

Party boy Mallett beat out by Christian Ponder? WOW. People really don’t like weed in the NFL…Santonio.

SWEET JESUS, Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh? Looks like the Lions will have a shot this year. Healthy Stafford? maybe…Calvin Johnson…that pass rush will make Jay Cutler wish he didn’t have to go under center.


The Dolphins will regret not taking Mark Ingram, especially when you play the Jets and the Patriots. Please god do not let the Patriots take Ingram. Yes. Nate Solder. He’ll probably make the Pro Bowl in two years. But he’s not Mark Ingram.

The Giants will have a legit corner. Probably gonna cost them a few plays though. Look at some of those pass interference plays. But they too will regret not taking Mark Ingram. Sorry, everyone is going to get the “you are going to regret not taking Mark Ingram” speech from here on out.

The Buccaneers will have a great D line again. and a good quarterback, let’s see if they nab a running back and a wide receiver in the next few rounds. The Browns will have a good combo with Phil Taylor and Shaun Rogers.

Still no Mark Ingram…kind of thinking the Jets might grab him…no…someone will do it before 30…although only 5 more picks…4 more picks…

I swear to god those 943,968 mock drafts could only be like 35% correct at this point. Any of them.

Let the Jets take Mark Ingram. Somebody take Andy Dalton……4 more picks…..ah the Ravens

Weird trades…..deadlines……strange orders.

Now perhaps the Saints have a chance……….MARK INGRAM

Oh lord, Mel Kiper just said the Jets may have just had the best pick in the draft, what kind of sick cosmic torture will we succumb to this year?

Muhammad Wilkerson, welcome home.