TOJ Tweet Summary 2018, Week 7 – Jets vs. Vikings

Daniel Essien recaps the Jets week 7 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings with #JetsTwitter

The New York Jets went into week 7 looking to extend their winning streak to three games. However, they had to try to overcome a strong opponent in the Minnesota Vikings and a slew of injuries. #JetsTwitter takes us through this week’s tweet summary. 


TOJ Let’s Get Weird: Week 7 – Jets vs. Vikings

Dan Essien previews the New York Jets week 7 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings with Let’s Get Weird.

The New York Jets have found a groove so far on the first 2 games of the 3 game home stand they are currently in. This week they face the Minnesota Vikings as they look to over .500. Let’s go through a preview for this matchup of long term against short term expectations in this week’s Let’s Get Weird. Continue reading “TOJ Let’s Get Weird: Week 7 – Jets vs. Vikings”

TOJ: Week 7 NFL Gambling Advice

Week 7 of the NFL season has arrived and that can only mean one thing around these parts – more losing picks provided by yours truly! But fear not, loyal readers, I’ve made some changes to my strategy this week and I can feel a big week coming. I’ve picked a few games that I feel strongly about myself and for the rest that I have no feel on, I’ve resorted to finding the opinions of some of the NFL pundits whose thoughts I value the least (like Mike Florio, for example) and went against them. That means it’s winning time! Let’s get to it…  Continue reading “TOJ: Week 7 NFL Gambling Advice”

New York Jets Fans Want More Joe McKnight

TJ on the desire of New York Jets fans to see more Joe McKnight on offense

The combination of a struggling offense and some big time plays on special teams from Joe McKnight have helped peak the curiosity around Jets Nation as to what the former USC product could bring to the table, in any sort of extended role.

So far in 2011, McKnight’s accomplishments include blocking a key punt that led to a comeback win, running back the longest kickoff return on Jets history. He’s also caught a few passes downfield after lining up in the slot, and has had a few tries out of the backfield taking pitches outside hoping to break one down the sidelines. So now what?

We polled Jets Nation on Twitter by asking them “What size role do you want to see the Jets give Joe McKnight at this point in the season?”

31 Percent – 5-10 TOUCHES at RB/WR

24 Percent- 10 TOUCHES at RB 24 pct

15 Percent – 10-15 TOUCHES at RB

7.5 Percent – 15 TOUCHES as KR/RB/WR combined

7.5 Percent – Part of an even spread three ways (Greene, LT, McKnight)

7.5 Percent – Split carries 50/50 with Shonn Greene 7.5 pct

7.5 Percent – Continue along in the same role.

92.5 Percent – Role to increase towards a minimum of 5-10 touches per game.

The reasoning behind the increase in activity for McKnight included the following:

  • Simply faster than both Shonn Greene, and Ladainian Tomlinson.
  • At this point the Jets have nothing to lose.
  • McKnight hits the hole faster.
  • He’ll be effective in the same role as a Danny Woodhead: RB/WR
  • The Offense needs a spark and additional breakaway speed.

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TOJ Week 7 NFL Picks and Ramblings


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How about 8-4 last week? Let’s see if TOJ can keep rolling…

Lines From BetUS

Pittsburgh (-3.5) vs. Miami – I firmly believe Pittsburgh is either the best or second best team in the NFL, while Miami is en route to a 7-9 or 8-8 record. Big Ben is going to have a big day against a suspect Miami secondary, while Chad Henne is due for a few bad interceptions after a solid performance last week.

Atlanta (-3) vs.Cincinnati – Atlanta had a major let down last week, but the Bengals just aren’t a very good football team right now. What ever happened to Carson Palmer?

Kansas City (-9) vs. Jacksonville – Todd Bouman? The Jaguars have to be the worst 3-3 team in NFL history, right?

Tennessee (-3) vs. Philadelphia – I am taking the better conference in what should a hard fought, physical game.

Washington (+2.5) vs. Chicago – Sadly, these are both serious playoff contenders in the NFC.

Cleveland (+13.5) vs. New Orleans – You have to like what Colt McCoy showed in his first start. They will keep this one interesting.

Baltimore (-14) vs. Buffalo – Oh boy.

Carolina (+3.5) vs. San Francisco – As bad of a game this is, it would still get better ratings than the World Series.

Seattle (-6.5) vs. Arizona – Max Hall isn’t ready to play in Seattle just yet.

New England (+1.5) vs. San Diego – Why the hell is New England an underdog?

Denver (-8.5) vs. Oakland – Denver is a much better 2-4 than Oakland.

Minnesota (+2) vs. Green Bay – Making the NFC North even more confusing.

New York Giants (+3) vs. Dallas – Goodnight Dallas.