TOJ Leftovers – New York Jets Moving On To Week 6

Dalbin Osorio with a TOJ Leftovers as the New York Jets prepare to move to week 6 against the Arizona Cardinals

After another loss by the boys in green, we’re left to eat some leftovers and see what went wrong for a Jets team many figured would be much more competitive than they have shown through 5 weeks.

We’re two weeks away from Halloween and the Jets are already facing a crossroad of sorts. Do they try and make a run at a wild card berth that they will, at first glance, probably need 10 wins to have a shot at? Or do they fold up shop and give some of their younger guys reps in preparation for next year? I personally don’t think the Jets can sell veterans like Darrelle Revis, Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Nick Mangold, and David Harris on punting the season away and Todd Bowles is from the Bill Parcells mold so you know he isn’t thinking about next year.

Furthermore, there are a lot of young guys that will be key to this team contending for years to come and I don’t think you get them used to a regime and a culture that can give up on a season. The Jets still have a lot to play for, and a game against an underachieving Arizona Cardinals team is on the docket for Monday Night. Before TOJ dives into that, let’s finish our Leftovers from this past week…

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The Todd Bowles “Go For It Guide” – Presented By Dick Curl

Joe Caporoso with a “Go For It” game management guide for New York Jets HC Todd Bowles, brought you to by Dick Curl

New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles had an encouraging rookie season. Year two? Well, let’s just say it has not progressed in the right direction so far. Part of the problem is Bowles’ struggles with game management, namely when to go for it, when to punt, when to use timeouts, when to challenge and when not to kick field goals.

Fortunately, at Turn On The Jets we have consulted with Jets time management legend, DICK CURL…AKA “The Guru Of The Clock.” AKA “Grandfather Clock.” to craft the Todd Bowles “GO FOR IT” Guide! 


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