New York Jets – Would Maccagnan Still Be Safe if Jets Landed Cousins?

Jared Scherl on if Mike Maccagnan’s job security situation would be different if the Jets landed Kirk Cousins this offseason…

It was another ho-hum loss for the 3-8 Jets on Sunday. The Jets have had a tough go this week but be sure to compare odds before you count them out. Given the losing streak, they’re bound to have very favourable odds. Especially with a coaching staff on the hottest of hot seats. Todd Bowles’ eventual firing is a foregone conclusion. Attention now shifts to General Manager Mike Maccagnan and his job status. The common consensus is that he will be retained despite his team’s 23-36 record over his tenure. Although I do not agree with it, the argument for keeping Maccagnan goes something like this: “After the 2016 collapse, he established a long-term rebuilding plan to compete in 2019, and he deserves to see his plan out.” Somewhere in that argument is the idea that he drafted a rookie quarterback this year and no one can expect to win with a rookie quarterback. Thus, next year is when we can truly evaluate Maccagnan’s tenure as GM.