New York Jets: What Does More Moore Mean?

What does Tom Moore’s “promotion” mean for the New York Jets offense the rest of the year?

The talk of this week has been the decision of the New York Jets to keep offensive consultant Tom Moore with the team full time the rest of the season. Moore had originally been working part time, only occasionally showing up for practices and games, including an appearance in the booth last week versus Washington.

As you would expect, the coaching staff and players talk in reverential terms of Moore’s presence and the speculation is swarming about Brian Schottenheimer’s job security.

What should we really make of this decision?

Personally, I think this is simply an all hands on deck situation. The Jets need to run the table, so why not make sure you are going to get the absolute most out of all your assets? At this point of the year, Moore won’t be touching any of the play-calling duties. You don’t switch the chain of command like that at this point. However, you hope that he is playing a more active part in constructing the game plan and designing specific plays to help jumpstart the Jets passing game, particularly by getting better use out of tight end Dustin Keller.

For the long term, it is hard to get a read on Schottenheimer’s job status. We all know his contract runs for two more seasons but that certainly doesn’t mean the Jets can’t fire him. If this team doesn’t make the playoffs, they are going to need shake something up and Schottenheimer is the sensible fall guy. I don’t think Moore is taking over as a full time coordinator at this point of his career but he could weigh in on the hiring process while remaining in a consultant role.

For the immediate future, I would hope to see more Dustin Keller and better creativity in certain situations (maybe some more down field shots) but ultimately this is stil Schottenheimer’s offense, so expect the same inconsistencies and frustrations.

Can Jets Put Two Tight End Set To Use?

Many Jets fans had immediate dreams of a two tight end set the minute that Tom Moore, the former Colts offensive guru arrived in Florham Park as the newest member of the Jets staff. However, even with the emergence of Jeff Cumberland this summer with the second unit, the Jets never unveiled what many thought might be a new look for the playbook. Priorities made it such that the Jets in limited time had to work the new receiving corps out first. Perhaps the two tight end set is next in line. Even kept under wraps on purpose for the time being.

The Jets would have loved by this time to have their new wide receiving corps that includes Plaxico Burress, Derrick Mason, and rookie Jeremy Kerley healthy and firing on all cylinders, which hasn’t happened yet. Former Rams WR Mardy Gilyard has now been added to this group. One that will go into week one unproven.

Both Burress and Mason missed time due to minor injuries and the offensive line started some second string players during the time that Mark Sanchez took first half snaps. Therefore the playbook was limited to safer throws that kept Sanchez safe as possible.

With the wideouts being the passing game’s top priority it is understandable that the club hasn’t gone to the next phase of development in adding 6’4 Cumberland to downfield routes with Keller yet. That’s doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Should they roll out a formation that does include both Cumberland and Dustin Keller, one that the Patriots took to another level in 2010, it will be done without having attempted it during any of the four summer tune ups.

If and when it the duo do emerge out of the huddle together, there will also be no guaranteed success that the duo of Cumberland and Keller will match the effectiveness that Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski displayed up in Foxboro.

With Moore’s tutelage and track record however, this type of addition to the air attack could provide Sanchez the ability to find a high percentage rythym with big targets at close range. In places on the field that don’t include the flat. Where moves have to be made by those with the ball, just to cross the line of scrimmage.

Many who follow the Jets still wonder if this scenario will unfold in 2011, while dreaming about the potential upside it could bring the Jets offense.

New York Jets Offense Preparing For Transition

The owner’s ratifed the proposed new CBA yesterday and now we are waiting on the players, with an anticipated vote coming at some point this weekend. I would still look for the league year to kick off at some point next week and along those lines, the news is rolling on the New York Jets, particularly on the offensive side of the football.

First off, the Jets made a terrific move by hiring Tom Moore as an offensive consultant. Moore is best known for his time spent working with the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning and is one of the most respected offensive minds in the game. He is going to consult on their game planning, particularly in the red-zone, which is an area we certainly know they need help in. (Cover your eyes)

Second, Braylon Edwards was in court today where he pleaded guilty to his DWI charge from last season. It will be interesting to see how this impacts how much money he receives in free agency. Edwards continued to express his desire to remain with the team and hopes he gets a deal done with them in the 3 day exclusive signing period. I still think it is a long shot that he comes back, as I think too much will be spent to keep Santonio Holmes. However, maybe if Antonio Cromartie walks, the Jets could work something out to keep both Holmes and Edwards.

If Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes happen to leave, Jets fans shouldn’t panic too much as Jerricho Cotchery will be returning 100 percent healthy this season. He is a terrific option as a #2 receiver when healthy. Between Cotchery and Dustin Keller, the Jets will still have enough weapons for Mark Sanchez if one of their big name free agents leave.

Finally, Damien Woody gave an interview yesterday where he made it clear that he was interested in returning to the Jets only as a starter and only above the veteran’s minimum. Personally, I think it is worth getting him back for another year so he can mentor Vladimir Ducasse as he learns a new position. If Woody ends up being too pricey, Wayne Hunter is a good enough fallback option to the hold the fort for a year.