TOJ – Secondary Grade Sheet (Week 5)

Mike O’Connor takes on the unenviable task of breaking down the Jets secondary against the San Diego Chargers

Another week, another load of secondary film to watch and cringe. I had faith in this unit before the season, but injuries and a drastic drop-off in safety play has made this, well, not a good time. Last Sunday’s bomb dropped by the Chargers was definitely the most painful one of the season so far, and that’s saying a lot after sitting through the second half versus Green Bay.

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TOJ Film Room – Secondary Grade Sheet (Week 4)

Mike O’Connor discusses how the secondary fared versus the Detroit Lions this past weekend.

The Jets’ loss versus Detroit this past weekend was just as maddening as the rest of the recent losses, of course, but it was definitely a weird game in hindsight. When reviewing the tape for the secondary, it wasn’t easy to pick out obvious mistakes players made like they have been prone to as of late. Instead, most of the clear faults were on Rex Ryan and the defensive gameplan.

David Harris covering Golden Tate, lots of zone coverage against a team with smart receivers, and ineffective blitzing at times. These are things we’ve become accustomed to from a confident Rex gameplan, but it was more frequent this week and as a result, no player from the secondary really fared too badly on a day where they were carved up pretty decently by Stafford and company without a healthy Calvin Johnson.

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TOJ – New York Jets Secondary Grade Sheet (Week 2)

Mike O’Connor analyzes how the Jets’ secondary didn’t quite hold up versus Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, with a closer look at rookie safety Calvin Pryor.

For reasons regarding our health as Jets’ fans, let’s sidestep the obvious cloud that hangs over the Jets’ secondary in the wake of the loss the Green Bay.  he back end was highly questionable in a grueling test versus Aaron Rodgers and company, and they couldn’t hold up in a flawed Rex Ryan gameplan. There, it’s out. Now with a little bit of picking on the defensive gameplan on this memorable collapse, let’s see what went wrong and why it did. Why couldn’t this secondary that impressed versus the Raiders hang in there against a legit quarterback?

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Week Eight Secondary Grade Sheet- How Can The Jets Contain The Saints’ Passing Offense?

The secondary grade sheet makes its valiant return this week, but unfortunately, it comes off of a week to forget in the Jets’ back end. The Jets secondary came to a crashing halt versus Andy Dalton and the Bengals last week, who managed to lose to the Dolphins last night (that says a LOT).

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New York Jets Secondary Grade Sheet: Week Three

Mike O’Connor breaks down the film on the New York Jets secondary in week 3 and previews week 4

A busy week has me shooting this grade sheet out right before the Jets-Titans game, but the quality performance from the Jets’ secondary versus E.J Manuel and company still can’t be ignored. Much of the consistent play from the secondary can be credited to the Jets’ front seven, but some players still had magnificent performances, and some had them when they really needed them. Let’s take a quick look.

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