New York Jets – The Greg Williams Defense Analytics Breakdown

Paul Kastava with analytical breakdown of the impact Greg Williams has on the defenses of teams he takes over…

The recent discussion about new Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has focused on his personality and how this may cause potential problems. Turn on the Jets’ Joe Blewett did a great scouting review of Williams here: New York Jets Scouting Review- Gregg Williams’ Defense. The purpose of this article is to break down Gregg Williams’ statistically by comparing his performance with teams to how they did before and after his arrival.

The main statistics used here are Total DVOA, Passing DVOA, Rushing DVOA, Sack Percentage (amount of sacks per pass play), Turnovers, Interceptions, and Fumble Recoveries since turnover luck can occur with a high amount of fumble recoveries which do not correlate consistently year-to-year.