NFL Draft Opinion – Derrius Guice and Failed Culture

Daniel Mosher with thoughts on the NFL’s draft interview process…

Dan Mosher’s brief thoughts on Derrius Guice’s interview at the NFL Scouting Combine, and how the failed culture in the NFL enables discrimination to take place.


New York Jets – Offensive Versatility Will Be Critical

The New York Jets skill position players on offense need to be versatile to compensate for the team’s lack of overall depth

Similar to the problems with assigning rigid labels on defense, pigeonholing offensive players to one spot is frequently an incorrect assumption. There is increasing fluidity to player’s positions and the New York Jets offense will need that type of versatility to help compensate for their lack of overall depth.

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New York Jets – Remember The Big Picture

It is short-sighted to judge the New York Jets free agency decisions because of David Garrard’s retirement and Mike Goodson’s legal issues

The New York Jets were mildly active in free agency this year. We cautioned this would be a likely approach this off-season, with the team’s decision making geared more towards 2014 than 2013. Every contract the team handed out was to a player with question marks surrounding them, generally based around health or a limited role in the past. In most cases, the valuation of contracts handed out by the team basically breaks down to being a one year tryout to see if the player merits an investment moving forward. A knee jerk reaction to David Garrard’s retirement and Mike Goodson’s legal issues is saying “New Jets GM John Idzik is 0-2 in free agency…Jets Circus continues.” That is a fun headline that is easy to crack a joke about on Twitter but like most work we see from the Jets beat and certain national writers takes into account minimal research and understanding of the team’s situation.

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Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Off-Season Prediction Edition

The Turn On The Jets 12 pack gives predictions for the New York Jets off-season

With free agency basically kicking off this weekend, the Turn On The Jets 12 Pack is going to submit predictions for the New York Jets off-season at each position. It won’t be a flashy off-season but it will be the beginning of a needed rebuild

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The Debate Continues: Best New York Jet To Have A Beer With?

Justin weighs in with his opinion to my original article…Best New York Jet To Have A Beer With —

This question depends on two things. The first, do I want to get into a fight? The second. do I want accompaniment by a female completely out of my league?

Let’s just say I want to get into a fight. Clearly, the guy I want helping me is Muhammad Wilkerson. Why? 7 foot wingspan. 315 lbs. 6’5. That’s all I have to say. He is clearly the most athletic and largest player the Jets have. True, he is just a rookie, but attributing fight skills and football skills is a messy and sometimes hazardous business. All I want is a bull rush. The crowd will disperse rather quickly.

Female accompaniment? I want two. I want Sanchez and Scotty McKnight. Bro paradise. How could you not at least get something worth a blackout as a third wheel with these two? You would have to be shaking violently and peeing yourself not to be able to get someone to at least talk to you after 10 tequila shots and who knows how many margaritas. Mission Viejo for life.

Of course I would like to chat with Revis and Rex, but my time at the bar is extremely limited, and with free drinks, you should either end up in bed or in jail. Settle for nothing less.

This Just In: Mike Francesa Hates The Jets, Loves Himself

Our friends at The Jets Blog have touched on this but in case you haven’t seen the clip yet, enjoy…

Poor Mike still can’t get Rex or any of the Jets on his show. Bottom line is the Jets have been better than the Giants the past two years and have had more headlines than any other professional sports team in the country in that time and it kills Francesa that he can’t get a single member of the team on his show. Say what you want about Rex and the Jets, but they are interesting and a journalist’s dream with their myriad of the headlines. So do Rex a favor to help shut Francesa up, go buy the guy’s book. I am half way through it and it is a must read for any Jets fan. I will have a full review in the coming days for both TOJ and Gunaxin.

One Day At A Time: Why Football Is A Drug And Why Love Is Not The Answer

If you are reading this, you probably like football. That or you are a fan of actual aircraft ignition sequences. I am guessing those people are few and far between. I too like football, but it is not because I am what most call a football “fan”, I am a football freak. I fall asleep to SEC Network replays of Auburn vs. Georgia or Alabama vs. LSU. Why the SEC you ask? Because they are the only conference that has actual games worth watching over and over and over until you can literally recite the entire game blindfolded play for play…And they are the only one that lets you watch for free.

Why don’t I watch NFL Replay you ask? Because it costs money, and the NFL ownership group as a whole may be some of the most greedy, white glove jerks I have ever seen in my life. Next to Senators of course. Oh sure, they’ll come to training camp and dance around and have real cute conversations with various coaches and first round draft picks, but have you ever seen an owner flying coach at an airport? Or refinancing their house because of the impending lockout? Let’s not get sidetracked here, on to the beauty of the game:

I like finesse in sports and I like size, which are essentially the two ways football can be broken down. Peyton Manning and Julius Peppers: that’s a little size and finesse, Kris Jenkins has the size…Darrelle Revis has the finesse. So what is so intriguing about football? 22 people on the field, each relying on each other to make either a defensive stand or move the ball down the field. Why am I actually breaking this down? This is not football 101. Go to Wikipedia for that…

Football can suck you in, you start to analyze the basics…quarterback…running back…receivers….but then, as you look closer, it all opens up:

To compare to another sport, basketball only has 10 people on the court and people score left and right, anybody can put up points at some point in the season, not ANYBODY can score a touchdown. And no single player “scores” a touchdown. Football players are, for the most part, specialists, basketball players have offensive and defensive duties. You can’t change your basic lineup, going small or big like they can do in basketball. Danny Woodhead would not last 3 minutes on the Lakers. In football, if the defense struggles, the offense has to lift them up and vice versa. Football players are held to a smaller set of responsibilities yet you live and die by them. It is very hard to be the Knicks in football.

The intricacies of offense and defense in football are so vast that trying to analyze one pre snap formation with a team like the Jets could leave you scratching your head, especially when you have 4 or 5 guys switching POSITIONS (Kris Jenkins at linebacker!), audibles and counter-audibles, but that is what we call the “technical stuff.”

Football, for the literary amongst us, is 21st century theatre, Broadway sucks despite what Sanchez says, and football is as good of a narrative as any imaginable. With the amount of coverage given to football via ESPN, NFL Network and the Internet, it is dissected more minutely than postmodern novels. There are analysts who make statements and analysis of analysts statements which are the analysis of the players statements, it’s like an Italo Calvino novel. You are on a train. You are a character in a novel taking place on a tran, etc…

One of the overwhelming reasons I love football is because it is not built for the elite, models don’t go to football games, and if they do, they aren’t showing up in a miniskirt and heels. Unless you count those degenerates in suites and “coach’s clubs”. (As a sidenote, if Rex Ryan could handpick people for his coaches club, I doubt 15 people in badly tailored suits would be first on the list). People don’t show up 40 minutes after kickoff to a Giants game, unless they are talking their way out of an arrest or so drunk that they had to stop to puke every 15 feet from the shuttle to the entrance.

It unites the strange and the straight laced, it turns friends to enemies and enemies to friends, it creates debaters and theorists, dreamers and detractors:

Amongst the working class, there is not much to look forward to on a given week. Life, in general, is a series of mundane events highlighted by orgasms, credit card debt, and free shots of tequila. So to be part of something that you know millions of people are part of, to hear the screams from adjacent apartment buildings and to be walking by a bar downtown and hear the roar after a touchdown or an interception, is indescribable.

I would argue that most football people, if given the choice between a beach in LA or a sports bar in Manhattan during football season, would gladly stand for 6 hours nursing the same warm beer in a bar that smells like piss and desperation, and leave the beaches for out of work actors to “contemplate their life choices.”

Maybe we are spoiled in Manhattan to have both the Jets and the Giants…but don’t question the passion both teams create, and remember this, they’re rooting on Park Avenue and they’re rooting in Harlem. The stockbrokers have jerseys on and drug dealers have jerseys on.

We’re all a part of it, whether we are in a bar, at the stadium, or as I prefer to watch, on the rooftop of an East Village duplex, with beautiful women cooking Fillet Mignon and pouring unnecessarily strong mixed drinks, even in December.