115-Day New York Jets Warning – Muhammad Wilkerson Is A Beast

Our new series at Turn On The Jets, counting down the days until the New York Jets season starts with reasons to be excited for 2013

Here at Turn On The Jets, we decided to take a page out of Robert Mays book over at Grantland (a polite way of saying rip his article idea off) by counting down the 115 days until the New York Jets kick off, with a daily reason to get excited about their return. Mays has the whole NFL to work with, we only have the Goddamn Jets…now there is a challenge, step your game up Mays! 

We start today with Muhammad Wilkerson and his beastliness

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New York Jets – David Garrard Retires, Overreaction Ensues

New York Jets quarterback David Garrard retired because of knee issues today, how will the Jets move forward at quarterback?

The New York Jets received surprising news today when quarterback David Garrard informed the team that due to swelling in his knee, he is deciding to retire. Considering he is 35 years old, hasn’t played a NFL snap in 2 years and missed all of last season with a bad knee, there is a limit to how surprising this news is.

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New York Jets – Formula For A Competitive Season?

Joe Caporoso on the New York Jets formula for being more competitive than expected this season

The New York Jets are generally considered one of the worst, if not the worst team in the NFL as of right now. This is a hyperbole to an extent. Are the Jets a bottom ten team on paper? I think that it is a fair statement. Are they a shoe-in for a top five pick? I wouldn’t say so. Remember the 2012 Jets were 6-7 heading into their final three games, despite the league’s worst quarterback situation, having a roster decimated by injuries and severely lacking in talent. The roster has been improved, certain players are back healthy and really how much worse can the quarterback play possibly be?

Rex Ryan is a good enough coach and there is enough pieces on the current roster (which should still see some additions, notably at tight end and wide receiver) to have the Jets floating around .500 again for the bulk of the season. Could the Jets win 7-9 games in 2013? Crazier things have happened but let’s look at what needs to occur to make that a reality

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New York Jets – Learn From Your Sanchez Mistakes

The New York Jets must learn from their mistakes with Mark Sanchez when it comes to bringing Geno Smith along

It is no secret the New York Jets didn’t create an ideal environment for Mark Sanchez to succeed in, especially the previous couple of seasons. Yes, he gets the majority of the blame for not elevating his play in 2011 and 2012 but you are kidding yourself if you think he was put into a favorable situation. What is important now is that the Jets learn from their mistakes with Sanchez and work to create a quarterback friendly environment for Geno Smith. What does that involve?

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New York Jets – Tannenbaum Draft Picks Who Could Miss Final 53

A handful of Mike Tannenbaum draft picks could be in danger of not making the New York Jets final 53 man roster

New York Jets GM John Idzik hasn’t hesitated to put his imprint on the team. Part of that process will continue this summer when recent personnel decisions have the potential to knock a few of Mike Tannenbaum’s recent draft picks off the final 53 man roster. Who should be concerned?

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Turn On The Jets Sunday Six Pack – Defensive Concerns

Joe Caporoso with a Sunday six pack of defensive concerns for the New York Jets

In honor of Mother’s Day, we decided to crank out a special Sunday six pack at Turn On The Jets…so make your Mom some damn brunch you lazy ingrate…and THEN sit back and let’s talk about that New York Jets defense (Last week’s offensive six pack)

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New York Jets – Exploring Potential Of Ivory/Goodson Backfield

Exploring the potential of Chris Ivory and Mike Goodson in the New York Jets backfield

The New York Jets haven’t had a flashy off-season but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been productive. There has been measured progress at a variety of positions but the most notable infusion of talent has occurred at running back. Plodding Shonn Greene was wisely allowed to leave in free agency and in his place the Jets added a duo of backs with immensely high potential, Chris Ivory and Mike Goodson. We’ve sung the praises of both here at TOJ but we wanted to dig a little deeper into the reasons for our excitement, so we sought out Pro Football Focus and a handful of writers who previously covered Ivory and Goodson. Let’s take a closer look…

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TOJ/Jet Press Roundtable – New York Jets Quarterback Battle Edition

The TOJ and TJP writing staffs debate who will the New York Jets starting quarterback job

The TOJ staff has happily combined this week’s roundtable with our good friends from The Jet Press. Make sure to check out their site and give their writers a follow on Twitter. On to the roundtable…

How will the Jets quarterback competition shake out this summer?

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New York Jets Defense – Who Can Play Slot Corner?

Joe Caporoso goes into the film to explain the Jets 4-2 nickel slide defense and who could play slot corner next year

One of Rex Ryan’s favorite defenses last season was the 4-2 nickel slide. We discussed it briefly in this article overviewing the Jets defense but basically it replaces a linebacker with an extra defensive back, who flexes out over the slot receiver, while the Jets move down to a 4 man front.

One of the most critical positions in this defense and one of the most critical positions in today’s NFL for any defense is the slot corner. Here are a few different articles discussing the position in depth from Pro Football Focus and ESPN but generally it is your nickel back, who will be responsible for covering the slot receiver, along with playing in the box to provide run support and in Rex Ryan’s defense will be asked to blitz off the edge relatively frequently.

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New York Jets – A Closer Look At The Idzik Plan

Mike Donnelly with a closer look at the plan John Idzik has started executing to rebuild the New York Jets

On January 18th, things were looking pretty bleak over here in JetsLand as John Idzik was hired to take over as General Manager and right the ship. We heard it all regarding this team, whether it was that there’s no talent, or that the cap situation is impossible to fix. We heard the word “circus” thrown around repeatedly, and endless bashing of Rex Ryan and his team. Well, ever since then, Idzik has methodically went about his business and gotten this organization back on track, step by step. Jets fans who closely follow the team have praised him for the job he’s done from top to bottom. Let’s look at how in just three and a half months, John Idzik revamped this roster from “old, slow, and expensive” to “young, talented, and hungry” with a simple 7 part plan.

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