NBA Draft Reaction: Knicks Surprise, Nets Get Steal, Kemba Hungry

TOJ at SB Nation NY with an interview with Kemba Walker on his thoughts on going to Charlotte and being passed over by 8 teams.

A closer look at Knicks picks Iman Shumpert and Josh Harrellson

Thoughts on the Nets trading for Marshon Brooks

Shumpert wasn’t initially a popular pick because he isn’t a big name guy and it seemed like a reach considering where he was being projected to be drafted. However, considering he won’t have the pressure to come in and immediately start, there is no reason he can’t develop properly behind Chauncey Billups while competing with Toney Douglas and Landry Fields for minutes. Shumpert has plenty of potential, especially to develop into a quality defender at 6-6 and with a 42 inch vertical.

Harrellson provides some much needed size at 6-10, 275 pounds. He doesn’t exactly have the strongest competition to make the roster, as the Knicks are thin on big men, so he may have a chance to stick.

Personally, I loved the Nets trade to get Brooks. They needed to provide a scorer in the backcourt with DeRon Williams and Brooks has a high ceiling, with the potential to develop in a star as the Nets move to Brooklyn.

Six Pack Of NBA Thoughts: What Is Wrong With The Knicks?

1. Of course since Donnie Walsh dug the Knicks out of one of the worst financial holes in NBA history and turned them into a contender again, it made sense to push him out the door so Isiah Thomas, the man who dug the financial hole could have more influence. It is hard to believe that whoever the Knicks name the new GM, still won’t have as much power as Thomas regardless of what his official title is. In this city, James Dolan needs to go as bad as the Wilpons need to go.

2. You can’t think this move bodes well for Mike D’Antoni’s future with the Knicks. It also doesn’t help with the rapidly approaching draft. The Knicks can’t afford to miss with the number 17 pick, as they don’t have a first round pick next year. As of now it is up in the air who is ultimately making the final call, which is never good thing.

3. If you aren’t a D’Antoni fan…remember the Knicks could have had Rick Carlisle as their head coach once upon a time.

4. More quotes and fallout from Walsh “stepping down”

5. You think the NFL Lockout is bad? Wait until both the NFL and NBA are locked out this fall and baseball is over…time to dust off my old Rangers jersey and start liking hockey again.

6. How about that game last night? The entire world was ready to hand over the next five NBA titles to the Miami Heat with about 7 minutes left on the clock in the fourth quarter. Fortunately, Dallas showed Miami is far from invincible and if you punch them in the mouth, there is a good chance they will back down. Perhaps the Heat should have finished the game before prematurely starting their celebration. Dirk Nowitzki gave us all a performance for the ages and now we have a series again.

New York Knicks: Two Games, Five Points, Plenty of Pain

TOJ at SB Nation on the pain of only five points separating the Knicks from a 2-0 series lead against Boston.

Other round one thoughts from yesterday…

1. Hawks/Magic has the feel of a seven game series, even though it is looking like Dwight Howard against the world after last night.

2. Very disappointed with the effort from the Portland in their first two games. They lack any knock down shooters, which is killing them late in games against the Mavericks. I am not sure they have shown enough to believe they will come back, despite picking them win the series before it started.

3. Predictions for tonight? Spurs and Lakers even it up and the Thunder take a 2-0 lead.

Knicks at Celtics: Game Two Preview

TOJ at SB Nation with a preview of Knicks/Celtics game two, can the Knicks even it up without Chauncey Billups?

Other round one thoughts —

1. Despite all of our hate for Miami, they are going to sweep the Sixers. Philadelphia is at their best when they are running, unfortunately there isn’t anybody in the league better than the Heat in the open floor. I actually think having an easy four or maybe, maybe five game series might not be the best thing for Miami, who might start feeling a little too good about themselves before their round two opponent.

2. Indiana has been beyond impressive with their effort these first two games against the Chicago Bulls. I don’t know if they will end up stealing any of these close games but they are providing a very entertaining series and showing Chicago that there are no easy wins in the playoffs.

3. Predictions for tonight? I am picking the Knicks, Magic, and Blazers all to even their series up.